Thursday, October 6, 2016

Our next chapter: Kentucky

We moved away from Johnstown, Colorado in September.  To keep track of our new adventures in our Kentucky chapter, go to:

We will not be updating JohnstownAlbertsons any more.  Bookmark our new blog address!!

Saturday, August 20, 2016

Jeffrey and Lesa's Colorado Reception August 13, 2016

Jeff and Lesa interrupted their honeymoon to come down from the Rocky Mountains and have a Colorado reception.  This was taken when we were decorating and setting up for the 1-3 reception.
 The place was a building across the highway from our house that had been the library when Jeffrey was a little boy.  Now it is a church office/youth building.  We were happy to rent an affordable place that holds many memories for our children.  We reused some of the decorations from their wedding in Iowa.  Lesa's bouquet is in the middle in a vase.
 The snack table.
 Sunshine Gearhart has been an extremely important person in our kids' lives.  She was a fellow homeschooler who often had our kids over for crafts, games, projects, and snacks.
 The Hamilton family have been in our lives for quite a few years as homeschoolers and friends.  Two of their family were not available to come to the party.
 Jeffrey and Lesa wore their wedding garb, so the rest of our family did too.  
 They cut the first row of cake servings, and after that, got too busy to cut any more.
 Lesa had her train hooked up out of harm's way.  It is a beautiful dress!
 The Henkle family have been dear friends, at church, in Bible Studies in our homes, and also fellow homeschoolers.  Mathew had to work, so he missed the party.
 Barb Sloan and Ardie Briggs Tomlinson have been neighbors, friends, fellow Johnstown Historical Society members.  Barb used to be a librarian in this building when our kids were young.
 Visiting before the crowd came...
 Nancy Johnson has been a friend for many years, fellow homeschooler, and more recently, Ace store manager where Jeffrey, Ellizabeth, and Jason worked.
 Lesa met so many people who were brand new to her!
 Jonathan and Anna Lucas have been dear friends to our family for many years.  They have been an encouragement to us at Federal Heights Church by coming up from Colorado Springs area many times.  They have showed our value to them by the many times they have come to our graduations, parties, and weddings, even though it is such a long drive.
 Rowen's cousin Katie and Uncle Alvin Gafford.  Uncle Alvin is Rowen's last surviving uncle on his mother's side.  He is over 90.  We were so glad they could come.  They are so special to our family
 and now special to Lesa as well!
 Pam and Jim Lutey became our dear friends starting in 2001 when we were on the town's Centennial Committee together.  They have watched our children grow up!
 Johnnie Ullmann has been our friend and neighbor the whole 27 years we have lived here.  She even came over in the night and stayed with our children when we went to the hospital to have a new baby!  Her son Kent Davis helped her be able to come to the party.  She doesn't get out at all without one of her sons helping her.  She is 88.
 Mike and Carmen Durkee and their kids came all the way from Highlands Ranch to come to the party.  Mike has been one of our "adopted" kids and Carmen has been dear to our family for many years.  
 Wayne and Wanda Skeen were our pastors for many years, until they moved away.  Now they are back in the area and it was so special to all of us to have them come.
 The Brown family are family to us.  Both Matt and Cara are our doctors.  We have babysat the kids through the years, and the last 1.5 years Janet and Emily have worked for them at their house one day a week.  They are forever friends.
 LaDeana is Janet's first cousin.  It has been fun having the Desmond family cousins living close by.  LaDeana was a huge help in getting our house ready to show.  Tiffany and Emily are close in age and enjoy time together.  Steve is the fun kind of crazy.  We will miss them when we move away.
 Catherine and Bob Desmond have been like extra grandparents for our kids through the years.  
 Jeff and Lesa visiting with the Browns.
 Jason visiting with the Henkles.
 Steve and his dad getting some snacks.
 Finally, someone showed up who Lesa already knew!  Her cousin and family from Aurora.
 Jeff and Lesa with her cousin Kenda.
 There was quite a crowd!
 We had a computer set up showing a slide show of pictures from the wedding in Iowa.  That's what the people are looking at in this picture.
 Lesa visiting with Aunt Esther Mendez while Jeffrey gets reacquainted with Anjeli, his cousin's daughter, while Anjeli's aunts Kwani and Sarah stand by.
 Rowen's sister Esther, two of her six girls, and one granddaughter
 More visiting...
 Elizabeth listening to Michaela Durkee
 Janet and Wanda 
 Someone wanted to see the train spread out.
 Lesa's cousin's kids had a seat on it!
 So glad Kenda could come and see Jeff and Lesa just before their family moves to Germany!
 There's always someone who gets confused and thinks the party starts at 3:00, instead of ends at 3:00.  Augie and Kathy barely made it under the wire!  We were already tearing down all the decorations and cleaning up.
 Pictures in our front yard after the party.
 Emily and Elizabeth with their brother and new sister!
 Jason with the happy couple
 The picture we forgot to take in Iowa.
 Supper on the deck before Jeffrey and Lesa went back to their honeymoon.  We so much enjoyed the day with them!
This reception was another time of saying good-bye to many people who are dear to us, that we will not be able to see after we leave Colorado.

Friday, August 12, 2016

The wedding of our third son August 6, 2016

Lesa's and Jeffrey's siblings were their bridal party.  The dresses were actually a "royal" purple, even though they look blue in the pictures.  They had a beautiful, God-honoring ceremony with over 200 in attendance.
 Our family, complete with new daughter-in-law and also Jason's girlfriend, Karen.  There will be another grandson within a couple weeks!  We were glad Joy was able to make the trip so everybody could be there together; we are also thankful the trip did not seem to be too hard on her.
 Happy newlyweds!
 Outside their home in Iowa