Thursday, April 14, 2016

Another 2 week quilt?

Any time there is a trip to or from Missouri area going to happen, I consider it time to make a quilt!  (So I can get it to the quilter in Galena, Kansas without having to mail it!)  I have a dear friend who is getting married August 20, and I had always told her if she would get married, I would make her a quilt.  So when she was so sweet to come a couple hours' journey to see me when I was in Missouri in February, I asked her what colors she wanted in her quilt.  She said blues and browns.  She's marrying an Iowan farmer, so the fabrics I chose will go well in a farming life.  This is a close up of the fabrics. 
The pattern is called Crosswalk, and is very similar to another quilt I did a few years ago.  I'm calling it Hugs and Kisses because it is a wedding quilt, and because I see Os and Xs when I look at it.  
 Congratulations Tonya and Bud!!