Friday, December 16, 2011

More Joplin Pictures from Thanksgiving week

These pictures are not in the order they were taken, but we were only there Nov. 21 evening, 22nd all day, and 23rd morning, so they are within that time frame. These first ones are taken at Randy and Tim's ABE Painting Shop. This is their meeting room that they have remodeled and painted so nicely.
Micah and Quil watching over their new cousin, Charissa.

Quil and Micah really love their cousin.

Charissa a little bit wakeful!

Brenda and Tim and their gift from God!

Pretending to be sleepy!

Showing their mischievous eyes!

Touching gently!

Micah and Aunt Emily

Micah (will be 3 in January) and Quil (4 last June)

Jason holding Charissa at Tim and Brenda's house

Charissa wore this headband for a little while.

Quil and Micah playing play-dough at their house.

More pictures at the shop. Grandma and Grandpa and the grandsons.

Jason was playing Hide n Seek, then it turned into playing Cave. The boys love for Uncle Jason to play with them!

Grandma reading to Quil and Micah

Monday evening meal at the shop with our kids and Brenda's parents, Phil and Kathleen Stevenson. It was so good to see them.

Proud Grandpa and Grandma

Aunt Beth and Charissa at T/B's house

Grandpa Rowen, Micah, and Charissa at the shop

Tim and his mother and his baby girl

Tim taking care of his little treasure

Grandma Janet and Charissa at her house

Grandpa and the baby at the shop