Saturday, November 27, 2010

Overview of Thanksgiving Week

We enjoyed having Randy, Joy, Quil, Micah; Tim and Bren all with us Monday-Friday this week, and are thankful that the Lord allowed us this time together. Pictures will come later, but I just wanted to post a little about our week-which flew by. Most days Jeff spent time at work and doing his college studies, so we missed him in some of our activities.

Monday "the Missourians" got here after driving all night. My babysitting boy was here and he, Quil, and Micah enjoyed playing with each other. Joy's cousin came over for the afternoon and supper.

Tuesday Randy, Joy, Quil, Tim, Bren, Jason, and Emily went to the mountains; the Missourians went for their "Colorado mountains fix". Daddy, Mother, and I enjoyed taking care of Micah and holding down the fort. We exchanged Christmas gifts Tuesday night, as we will not be with our Missouri family for Christmas. We also enjoyed playing Things TM after the Quil & Micah were asleep.

Shopping happened on Wednesday, and Jason helped Tim get Linux on T/B's computer. Randy and Daddy changed the brakes on R/J's van.

Thanksgiving Day morning we spent taking family pictures. (If you scroll down to the bottom of our blog you can see one of the pictures. The side-bar pictures are also from Thanksgiving Day.) Quil was better behaved for pictures this year than last year. We sang between pictures to help him be happy. He loves to sing "Jesus is All the World to Me", "What a Friend We Have in Jesus", etc. We used Jason's new marionette sheep puppet to provoke Micah to smile. (Micah, fascinated by the sheep, has a love/hate relationship with the puppet.) Before "dinner" we individually had short prayers thanking Jesus for 3 things; that was special. After a delicious meal we had a walk together. After supper Daddy did a slide-show (a literal one, with slides and a slide-projector). Of course there are always enjoyable stories and memories that stem from pictures, and it was a great time of sharing. Quil and Micah were interested in some of the pictures and were pretty good during it. We worked on and completed two song visuals on Thursday of the song "Hark! The Herald Angels Sing", one for Federal Heights Sunday School and one for the Missourians to use in their Kids' Church.

We did do some shopping on Friday, but not at unreasonable hours of the morning! Randy and Tim were able to purchase a van for their painting company. All the men-folk spent the afternoon getting the previous owners' logos off of the van's exterior. We played a couple of games and some people took naps before RJQM and TB left for home Friday night.

- Beth