Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Recent pictures of Charissa

Charissa, our Missouri granddaughter, will be three years old on November 12, 2014.  These are pictures from October that her mother sent to us on email.  We are happy we plan to see her and her parents Thanksgiving week!

Sunday, November 9, 2014

Quilt Show 2014

We had a good quilt show on October 25.  As always, we are glad it's over; even though we enjoy helping with it, we get worn out.  
 The row my quilts were on.  First one is Jonathan's quilt, 2nd is Charissa's, White one is one my mother made for me, followed by Randy and Joy's quilt which is also below.
 This is Jonathan's, which he will receive for Christmas.
 And Charissa's, which she will receive for Christmas (at Thanksgiving).
 Randy and Joy's has been well used, many times washed, and well loved since 2009.  This was the first time it had been in the quilt show.
 A view of the gym full of quilts.
 A view from the other side.  No way to picture the 157 quilts we had in the show!
 People like our show because they can walk between the rows of quilts and look at the backs as well as the front.  There are papers pinned to each quilt with information about the quilt.  The lady who is reading the paper below, was an election judge with Janet.
The following photos show the work of  a special lady who brought her picture quilts that she makes with tiny hexagons and applique.  She had 20 of them on tables in the quilt room and spent the day explaining to people how she makes the amazing pictures.
 This baby quilt was the first place Viewer's Choice winner.  It was really cute with all the animals and their funny shoes!
 Second place Viewer's Choice winner, called Dakota Star.
 Third place Viewer's Choice winner.  (Great workmanship, but I would not have chosen because of the beer bottles.)
 A new project we did for the quilt show this year was to paint pumpkins for sale.  An area farm donated the pumpkins and mostly Historical Society volunteers, plus some friends and students painted and decorated them.  They sold fairly well, and we made about $350 from the sale.  There were 80 pumpkins!

New Picture of Jewelyn