Sunday, March 9, 2014

Hymn Sings

I know everybody must think we quit doing anything interesting or fun because I have not been blogging much recently.  This is not true.  We have been busy and having a good time in the Lord, just not much that is photo worthy.  If I have pictures to put in, it saves me writing 1000 words per picture...  So here is a picture of something we have done twice lately--gone to a Hymn Sing at Reformation Baptist Church where some of our good friends attend church.
This is a picture stitched together from two pictures.  This was the February Hymn Sing, which was not as crowded out as the January Hymn Sing.  Rowen caught me texting one of our kids during this song.  I was recovering from a cold that affected my voice, so I had to take breaks from actually singing part of the one- hour singing time.  We have really enjoyed going to these Hymn Sings.  

Quilt for Charissa

 This is the quilt top that I made for Charissa recently.  This was the first time for me to use a kit to make a quilt, but I did add on to it, and change the blocks' orientation from the pattern instructions, just to make it more butterfly-ish.  Look for the yellow and green butterflies which share the pinks.  When it was done, it was too yellow, so I added some pink to bring it back to pink enough for Charissa.
The quilt has been quilted, and picked up by my mother and daddy.  It is waiting for a trip out to Colorado, so I can get it finished by binding the edges.  Today, Charissa got to see it when she went over to Great-grandma and grandpa Scoles's house for Sunday dinner.  Her daddy sent me this picture, entitled 
"I wike it, Grandma!"