Friday, January 14, 2011

Homeschoolers Ice Skating

After negatives, 0's and 10's on the thermometer this week, we were thrilled to get up in the 40's again in time for our January homeschoolers' event: ice skating outside!
We had a good turnout of kids skating and have a few pictures to remember it by.
Jason, who always finds himself the biggest kid at homeschool events nowadays!

Emily, who dearly loves ice skating!

Emily and friends, Celeste Roller, Sydney and Breanna Clayton

Dave and Donna Ward, homeschooling parents

Dee Roller and Sharon Clayton, homeschool moms

Karla Bernal, homeschool mom taking pictures of her husband and kids skating.

Maryel Adams, patiently helping her kiddos learn to skate.

Alicia Ranslow, in the background, in pink, teaching her children to skate. Until now, they lived in Hawaii and never had skated! Stacey Hegarty and her kiddos and their cousins were there too, and everyone had a great time, stayed warm enough, and no one got hurt! Thank the Lord!

Richard and Judy Grout visited Johnstown Albertsons

On Tuesday, January 11, 2011, Richard and Judy Grout came through Johnstown to see us. They brought with them a young friend, Ruth. She and Judy played beautifully together on the violin and piano, and Richard and Judy updated us on their work.

Rowen's sister, Mary Albertson, was visiting us and she got to meet Richard and Judy for the first time.

Judy on left, Mary on right




Our children enjoyed playing music with Judy and Ruth also.
It was amazing how each felt a kindred spirit, though music was their only means of communication. Music became a very real language through which they could become acquainted!

Ruth and Emily