Saturday, June 25, 2016

More about May 2016

In May we took a trip to Cincinnati to go to Karen's college graduation.  Her roommate, Valeria, was Valedictorian and Karen was Salutatorian!
 One of the great blessings of this trip was getting to see Ron and Becky Profitt.  Rowen and Emily had not seen Becky since 2008, and Ron since before then!  For being some of our favorite people, that is just unacceptable!  They live in Ohio now, rather than Grand Cayman, so maybe we can see them more often.
 Brenda's sister, Audrey (left of Karen) also graduated.  Our nephew, Dr. Aaron Profitt, (right of Karen) is Vice President of Academic Affairs at God's Bible School and College.
 Karen receiving her diploma from President Michael Avery
 Audrey, Karen, and Valeria
 Karen and Jason
 Aaron's family with Karen
 The Albertson family with Karen
 Ron and Becky took us out to eat after the graduation.
Eating with Jason and Karen in the GBS dining hall. 
 Jason, finished with three years of college!
 Jason with Rowen and Janet
 Jason with Janet and Emily
Aaron and Lisa had us over for food and fellowship on Sunday evening.  Retha Elger, with whom we stayed for the weekend is on the right.
Ron and Becky 
 Emily with her Uncle Ron and Aunt Becky
 Karen with Ron and Becky 
 Add in Jason...
 and a silly photo :)
We feel God is leading our family to move to GBS area in the near future.  We put a contract on a house in northern Kentucky while we were there, contingent on our house in Johnstown selling.  We appreciate prayers for God's will, timing, and purpose to be worked out in our future.  Here is the link for our house for sale:  Johnstown House for Sale

Friday, June 24, 2016

Some of May

Mothers' Day with my girls
 On a Sunday afternoon walk.  These lilacs were so beautiful!
 I got Jeffrey and Lesa's quilt bound after it was quilted.
 I made this pillow out of scraps left from making the quilt.
 I thought it was so neat how Connie quilted "from Mother" in one of the borders!
 Emily graduated from high school in the Colorado Heritage Education School System (our homeschool umbrella organization) on May 13.  Her graduation completed 26 years of homeschooling for our family!
 The graduating class
After the tassel was turned.
 Tim, Brenda, Charissa, and Felix surprised Emily by coming out for her graduation!!
 During the night, Randy's family also arrived and were here for Emily's graduation party.  Before breakfast, this was the scene in the living room!
This was the first time for the cousins to meet Felix!  They all loved him!
Randy helped Emily inflate the balloons with helium for the party.
Jewelyn liked the helium balloons!
 Felix had his first ever sink bath at Grandma's! 
 Jewelyn loved Felix!
 The girl cousins, Charissa and Jewelyn
 50 some people came to Emily's party and everybody had to pose with Emily for pictures.
 Emily and her sweet friend, Natalie
 We were so happy Katie and Uncle Alvin got to come!  Everybody was supposed to write something to Emily on a couple scrapbook pages.  All the "big" people took home one of Emily's photo cards and all the "little" people took home a helium balloon as thank-you for coming to the party.
 Dr. Matt, Hope, and Lincoln with Emily
 Emily with Aunt Esther, and her cousins: Sarah, Kwani, and Hadassah.  Sarah graduated with Emily.
 Emily with the Mike Durkee family
 Emily opening gifts
 Felix enjoying a balloon!
We are thankful for Emily graduating and for all of the people who showed their love by coming to her graduation and her party.  Space does not allow the pictures of everybody who came.  Emily is blessed by many loving friends in her life.