Thursday, December 2, 2010

Christmas on November 23 this year!

We opened gifts on Tuesday evening, at least a month early! We will not be with our Missouri kids closer to Christmas, so we did it while we were together.
This is a picture taken before gift opening. Rowen was reading a book to Micah while the rest of his family were in the mountains. I chose this picture because so many "little people" have been fascinated by Rowen's beard.

The dress the Johnstown kids got for me.

Rowen always asks the question: "Why do we give and receive gifts?" before anyone can open any gifts. The correct answers are about how God gave Jesus, the greatest gift we could ever receive; the wise men gave gifts to Jesus; we show our love to one another and gratefulness to God by giving gifts to one another. This year, he said, "Why are we giving and receiving gifts today?" The answer was because we wouldn't be together at Christmas...
Rowen is opening the box that holds the game "Things" from our Missouri kids. We played it later that evening after Quil and Micah went to bed.

Updated picture of Randy's family

Tim and Brenda looking sweet, and waiting their turns.

Joy reading Quil and Micah the Shutterfly book about THEM!

Quil and Micah loving the dogs that play Jesus Loves Me.

The magnetic bulletin board and magnets that Brenda and Tim made for each of us girls!

Jeffrey starting to delve into his box... He got some things for his hope chest. Since Beth moved her collection into her own hope chest, he has room for collecting his own.

Emily got him an Eco cup. Tim and Brenda got some from Beth.

Micah with his new truck from Aunt Emily.

Emily ready to take some more pictures! Since she was holding the camera, nobody took any of her opening...There is a picture I could post, but it would spoil the fun for the other cousins who haven't gotten their gift from Grandma and Grandpa yet.

Joy with the handmade gift Beth made for her encouragement.

Randy and Joy taking their turn at looking sweet.

Randy and Tim both got the new Johnstown books, signed by the author.
They were Johnstown Historical Society members as teenagers, and Randy was even a board member as an 18 year old, years ago now!

Quil looking sweet, sitting by Uncle Jason.

Randy, tickled...

Jason got a very special gift, a Thompson Chain Bible.

Odyssey and a picture from Emily

Beth waiting her turn--she ended up being last this year.

One of Beth's gifts, which expresses our feelings about her.

Another great shot of Tim and Brenda

Beth instructing Quil about the new sticker book she got for him.

Randy holding the cross stitching Emily made for him.

Closer view.

That's a little about our Christmas... We hope you will have a great one!!!

Tuesday, November 23

Our sons, Randy and Tim had not been in Colorado since last Christmas, so they were anxious to go to the mountains while they were here. So the Missourians, minus Micah, plus Jason and Emily went to Rocky Mountain National Park on Tuesday. Here are some pictures they came back with:

Quil enjoyed looking at the "purple mountain majesty."

Some of the roads were snowy and icy.

The views were spectacular and the sky a gorgeous blue!

Randy, Joy, and Quil

Randy and Jason

Tim and Brenda

Randy and Emily

Pictures from Monday, Nov. 22

On Nov. 22, Randy, Joy, Quil, Micah, Tim and Brenda arrived after driving all night at about 9:20 a.m. We regularly have Lincoln Brown here on Mondays to be babysat, so he got to have play time with Quil and Micah. Quil and Lincoln have played together three years in a row now!!

Joy's cousin, Dorie Johnston, who lives here in Colorado, came over for Monday afternoon to see all of us, but especially Joy. We had a fun visit with her.

Everybody helped in the kitchen making Creamy Tacos and all the veggies that go in them, so we could have time to play "Wise and Otherwise" together.

Joy and Dorie

Dorie and Quil making eyes at each other!

Randy and Micah. Randy was still tired from the long night and only a short nap.

Brenda and Emily making music.

I think we were singing a song together.

Rowen and I were watching the boys play.