Friday, September 2, 2011

#5 Chemo done!

So glad to have chemo treatment #5 behind me. The last one is September 22. At least two people came in yesterday for chemo who did not get to have their treatments. One went to the hospital and the other has to wait a week. I am thankful I have had no delays, infections, fevers, or low blood counts to prevent the treatments. God is better to me than I deserve! I give Him all the praise!

I am feeling well at the moment, but I know that the next few days will bring bone pain, tiredness, some gastritis distress, but trusting I will get through it without being too grumpy or "complainy". My family is always wonderful to do whatever I don't feel like doing and to give me a break.

Thank you every one for the continued prayers. I feel like I am carried by everyone's prayers, so that I don't worry about myself. There are so many others I am able to pray for when I am not bogged down by my own situation. I appreciate each one for praying for me and I appreciate the Lord for answering those prayers!