Tuesday, April 29, 2014

New Albertson Granddaughter!

Jewelyn Alice Albertson was born to Randy and Joy Albertson on April 26, 4:48 p.m. MDT, at home.  She weighed 8#, 2 oz., and measured 20.25 inches long.  Jesus kept His loving hand over her birth, so that she is healthy, and we are so blessed to have her join our family! 
Her names are special:  Jewelyn is an original name, coming from her Great-Grandma Scoles (Wanda Jewell), and Alice is from her Great-Grandma Albertson (Alice Louise).  Alice has also been a favorite girl name to Quil and Micah.  Alice means Noble, Truth, and Jewel means Joy, Precious Gem.  

Quil, Micah, Jonathan, and Joanna (Joy's sister) came to our house to stay on the birth day, so when we went down to Federal Heights on Sunday morning, the boys got to see their new sister for the first time.
 Now Jonathan is no longer the baby and he looks huge beside his little sister.  He couldn't help having a big grin on his face when he looked at her.
                                   Grandma Albertson is quite thrilled with Jewelyn.
                                                Grandpa Albertson is pretty proud of her too!
                                 There's a kiss Great-Grandma Scoles said to give her...
                                   The boys loved getting to hold her.  They took turns very nicely.
                     Jewelyn already knows what to do when she has a swaddler on:  time to go to sleep!
                                                 She is picture perfect!
                                                  We took her socks off to look at her feet.
                                                              Quil holding Jewelyn
                                                             Micah having his turn
                                                           Jonathan loves her, too.
 Aunt Emily loves having a new baby to hold.  This is the first grandchild born close enough that we can participate in the spoiling training from the start!
Interesting trivia from our family that matches Jewelyn's birth:  We had three boys, then got our first girl Beth.  Beth was born with the cord around her neck; so was Jewelyn.  Both of them were born on the 26th; Beth in September, Jewelyn in April.