Thursday, September 27, 2012

September Cabin Vacation

We were thrilled that Beth and Jason's boss let them off two days together, so we could go on a little family vacation Sept. 14-16!  Rowen had to work four weeks of Monday-Thursday 10 hour days, with Friday off, so it worked for us to leave early Friday morning Sept. 14.  We first went to Royal Gorge, since our younger three had not been there before, that any of us can recall.

The water clock inside the entrance
Waiting to ride the aerial tram car across the Gorge

This was obviously not when we were in the tram car, but Emily did such a great job of capturing the soaring bird with it!

Inside the tram car.  On the way back, it was empty except for operator and us.  Everybody else walked back the long way.  We wanted to ride again and walk later.

Next we went down into the Gorge via the incline railway.  This picture shows how the cars pass each other in the middle .  We were waiting at the bottom to go back up when we took this picture.
Taken down by the Colorado River.  The bridge looks so skinny from here!

On the stairs going down to the River.
Pictures taken down in the Gorge, with the background out of focus

On the bridge

A kind passerby took this picture for us, so we could all be in it.  The same wind that  made the flag stand out so pretty, also made my hair stand on end!  
We rode the carousel there.
After Royal Gorge, we drove an hour through the mountains to the Lake George cabin our dear friends, the Browns, let us use.
Last year, the cabin pictures had me either bald or hat covered.
Our "telephone hill" spot high on the property where cell phones work, if you hold your mouth just right!
Also a fun place to do pictures

We think this picture is funny, because it looks like Jason has an extremely long arm.  The hand on Beth's shoulder really belongs to Emily!
Jason wasn't feeling his super best because of getting two wisdom teeth out on Monday of that week.

We played horseshoes on Friday and Saturday evening.  Some people got their pictures taken after heroic throws.  ;) 

Beth entertained us by pretending to play a flute.
Rowen and Jason had a Bible study on the deck.
We went on a hike around a lake on Saturday.
Our kids like to rock scramble.
There was a pump well there.
and some pretty aspen.

Beth and I put our feet in at the lake, while Jason and Emily climbed mountains.
Packing up to leave on Sunday morning.
Hoping to come again next year!
Pictures Emily took on Sunday when we drove through Garden of the Gods