Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Some Movies from Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving in Columbia, Mo.

One favorite thing we like to do in Columbia is go for a walk in the woods close by my brother, Lyndell's house. We were so glad to have Jeffrey there with us, even though he didn't get to come to Joplin. Beth, Emily, Jeffrey, Jason

Janet and Rowen enjoying the walk.

Jeffrey wearing his God's Bible School cap and shirt

We went out to "the land" twice. This is where Lyndell and Sharen will build a house eventually. Right now, Lyndell is building this wonderful building.

Some of the Scoles family...

Austin took Emily out on the lake. It was a first for her.

The most popular activity at the land was riding on the 4 wheeler and the magic carpet hooked on behind. This is Jeffrey and Amanda.

Wes and Zane are on the magic carpet.

Emily and Amanda were being daring!

Sometimes you have to wait your turn! Andrew, Leah, Jeffrey, Jason, Rebekah, Tasha, and Blaire

Wes visiting with Mother

Daddy and Lyndell watching the fun.

My mother and daddy! So thankful they were able to be with us; they have been through a lot physically lately.

Mother making the noodles.

My cousins, Kent and Michelle Hulett, who joined us and added to our fun!

We were playing Beyond Balderdash.

My sister, Marlene, and me

Emily, Blaire, Rebekah, and my sister, Brenda

Charley, Daddy, Lyndell, Rowen, and Wesley

Some cooperative piano music by Blaire, Rebekah, Beth, and Jason. In background, Zane and my sister, Sherry.

One of our favorite things to do is play is Round the World Ping Pong. Lots of cousins, aunts, and uncles could play at once!

Mother and Marlene

Mother cross stitched this wall hanging for Marlene's birthday.

Daddy, Mother, and Amanda. This was during our "white elephant" gift exchange.

Another shot a little later.

This is the gift that went round and round the most. It is the train set that belonged to Lyndell when we were kids. He ended up with it.