Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Other pictures from the Albertson Christmas togetherness

Charissa Joy, 6 week old daughter of Tim and Brenda, was the center of attention this year!

This is how my hair is coming in, so far.

One day Micah and Jeffrey wore matching shirts!

Tim and Randy updated their ABE Painting websites: ABEPAINTS4STATES.COM
and WORK4ABE.COM while they were here.

Joy and Quil

Rowen and Charissa. She slept through the opening of presents.

Jeffrey's new school logo wear

Quil and Micah worked together to open the gifts.

Jeffrey and Jason

Beth's teapot

Emily and Corelle for her hope chest!

Brenda and Tim, Emily and Quil

We had a wonderful time with all of our family here!

Family Pictures on Christmas Day

For the past few years, it has been a family tradition with us to dress up and do formal portraits at home. This year the girls made semi-matching jumpers for the occasion and the guys were to wear blue or green shirts to go with the girls. We moved furniture and took everything off the north wall and this is what we got! Not exactly studio quality but good enough for our blog...

Here are the Albertsons who still have Johnstown as a legal address. (Though Jeffrey tells us he is a Cincinnati resident now.)

Rowen and Janet, with and without wig.

Jeffrey, age 20

Beth, age 18

Emily, age 13

Since Jason's pictures had too much glasses glare, he got a special one with the baby!
Jason (16), Charissa (6 weeks)

Randy and Joy

Brenda and Charissa

The traditional "stand in order of height" picture. Janet made it to the bottom of the heap this year.

Original children in order of height

Original Albertson sisters

All the Albertson Girls, so far

The unmarried Albertsons

Randy, Joy, Micah, (almost 3), and Quil (4.5)

Rowen, Janet, and grandchildren: Micah, Charissa, and Quil

Tim, Brenda, and Charissa

Emily and Charissa

Quil and Micah sledding

Quil and Micah have been talking about going sledding in Colorado for months, so we were glad the weather cooperated so that we had snow while they were here, and it was warm enough on December 26 to go sledding. They had a fun time with Uncles Jeffrey and Jason, and Aunt Emily. Grandpa was along to take the pictures.