Friday, April 29, 2011

Home from the hospital

Hi Everybody,
Thanks for all the prayers! Prayers are wonderful. I know I am feeling as well as I am because of God answering all the prayers! I'm sore and a little swollen, but it could be a lot worse. I am sleepy from all the interrupted hospital sleep. I'm hoping to get better sleep tonight. God is good all the time and much better to me than I deserve!
A sweet homeschool friend brought over a bountiful supper meal for us tonight, and some other homeschool friends brought us brownies. Another friend brought over a Get Well Soon balloon and a potted geranium. We are being well taken care of by God's Family.
This pink shirt was given to me by the general surgeon's office. It is velcro-ed together almost every seam and has inside pockets for my drains to ride in. This picture was taken before I left the hospital.

Love to all, Janet