Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Albertson Family Christmas Letter 2012

God has been faithful to us in 2012.  We have tried our best to be faithful to Him. 

Rowen continues to work in the Microscopy Lab at Carestream.  He has been very busy with work from around the globe this year.  He is presently learning how to use a Scanning Electron Microscope, which is new to his lab.  He also remodeled our upstairs bathroom this summer.  His tenure as treasurer for the Johnstown Historical Society (JHS) is coming to a close the end of the year.

Janet made five quilt tops this year!  She also made three bridesmaid dresses.  Every three months, she had an oncologist appointment and blood work and always got a good report.  Now she is allowed to go six months between appointments.  Her hair came in wavy and curly, and though it is much different to deal with, it is a blessing to have!  She got to be election judge for the towns of Johnstown and Milliken elections, and also for the county for the General Election.  She also helped with membership and fundraiser committees for the JHS.  She only has one student in her homeschool.

Jeffrey, 21, has been at God’s Bible School (GBS) in Cincinnati most of the time this year.  He did spend the summer in Joplin working for his brothers at ABE Painting.  He came home for the weekend of his 21st birthday in July.  He missed Thanksgiving with the family, but will be home for Christmas.  We are very grateful that he received a full tuition scholarship for the remainder of his missions degree program.  He keeps very busy there, with studying, his work hours, and Bible studies and prayer station ministries.  Rowen, Janet, and Emily went to GBS in May for camp meeting and to take Jeffrey to Joplin for the summer.  It was great to see relatives there and get acquainted with the campus.

Beth, 19, has almost completed a year of working at Ace Hardware.  She is a cashier, works in the office, and helps with the feed department of the store.  She loves working there four days a week.  She and Jason took a trip to GBS in November since they didn’t get to go in May.  She also was an election judge for the town of Johnstown and the county for General Election.  After much prayer, Beth decided to take an opportunity to move to some friends’ house to their basement apartment here in Johnstown.  She will be providing child care two days a week for their three children, ages 5, 3, 1.5.  The apartment is very nice and Beth is settling in.  We know she will be a blessing there.  She has given up her God’s Girls’ Newsletter ministry (after doing it for 8.5 years) because she will not have time to publish it in the future.  This year, Beth did all the designing of flyers, tickets, and ads for the Johnstown Historical Society events and fundraisers.  She won’t have time for that next year, either.  She recently bought a Suzuki Esteem station wagon, which is a stick shift, so she has been learning how to drive it.

Jason, 17, has enjoyed working full time at Ace (will be two years March 1).  This fall, he and Emily have been in orchestra class at our homeschool umbrella school on Wednesdays.  In January, they will start orchestra and choir classes together.  Jason has been out of school since May 2011, but wanted the opportunity to do orchestra and choir before going away to GBS next fall.  He also completed his driver training this year and bought a minivan of his own.  In July, Beth and Jason used their vacation to go to Kansas State Holiness Association Camp in McPherson, Kansas.  They let Emily and Janet come along too, and we all enjoyed the camp services.  They drove Emily and Janet over to Joplin and left them there.

Which brings the letter to Emily:  Emily, 14.5, thoroughly enjoyed the trips she went on this year, to GBS, Joplin, McPherson, and Joplin again.  She and Janet stayed in Joplin for 3.5 weeks!  The main reason for the long visit was the birth of Jonathan Randall Albertson, born to Randy and Joy on August 2.  Emily stayed at Tim and Brenda’s house most of the time and loved getting to know Charissa better, while Janet spent most of the time at Randy and Joy’s helping out there.  They flew home, which was special since Emily never had flown before!  Emily bought a very nice camera and has been taking some incredible pictures which she makes into picture cards.  She has them for sale 10/$10.  She is working on putting samples on her photography blog:  Emily has continued to enjoy playing her violin, and particularly loves accompanying Jason, who plays cello and piano.  She and Jason played their instruments for the JHS Tea in September and have been asked to play for the Seniors’ Luncheon next week.  She is in 9th grade this year.  This year, Emily discovered God has given her a gift for drawing.  She looks at photos of family members and draws them amazingly well. 

We have made energy efficient changes to our home this year:  solar panels and a new furnace.  The new furnace was a definite necessity, and should save a lot on our gas bills this winter.  The solar panels have made nearly all of the electricity we have used since they were turned on in June.

Our family has continued to minister to children at Federal Heights every Sunday evening.  The attendance varies quite a bit from time to time, and we have lost some of our most faithful children when their families move away.  We are trusting that the Word planted will grow in their lives.

We enjoyed having Randy and Tim’s families here for Thanksgiving and were especially blessed that no one was injured in the rollover that the girls and the grandchildren were in on their way here.   Quil and Micah are growing up so much, already homeschooling with their mommy, and Jonathan is a sweet and cooperative third son.  Charissa has learned to walk and she loves to Skype with us on the computer.

God has been so good to us.  We intend to keep trusting Him through the days ahead.  God is already there; He already knows what the future holds.  We are especially grateful for the gift of Jesus, Immanuel, God With Us. 

We are trusting that you have a Christ-filled CHRISTmas,

Rowen and Janet Albertson  
Jeffrey, Beth, Jason, and Emily