Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Life Chain Sunday

October 3 was Life Chain Sunday, an event in which we try to participate every year. It is a quiet, prayerful presentation of powerful truth printed on various signs about the value of life and the reality of forgiveness. There was an excellent turnout of folks and a beautiful afternoon to give the message of life.

Johnstown Historical Society Quilt Show

The first weekend of October was a busy one for our family. On Friday night we helped set up the quilt show

and Saturday we were volunteering at the quilt show most of the day. Here I am at the registration table Saturday morning,

and Beth is at the bake sale table. Emily helped her there, but of course, she was taking the picture at that moment.

There were over a hundred quilts entered in the show this year.

The quilt my mother made me for Christmas this year. It is cross stitched and then quilted.

Beth and Kelly admiring the ship quilt that won Viewer's Choice.

Emily's quilt in the foreground

On the right, the quilt made by my sister Marlene for our 25th anniversary, and then Beth's quilt.

Three of mine on this row, not including the first one.

Too many beautiful quilts to picture them all here...

There was also a hallway of old time craft demonstrators
and a gym full of craft vendors.

A beautiful quilt was raffled off to benefit the Historical Society; the new Johnstown book was presented for sale.

Kelly and I looking over the paperwork for the sale of a quilt Saturday afternoon.

Cozy Cow Dairy field trip

Last week, we went to our local Cozy Cow Dairy for a home school field trip. We got to observe some cows being milked, watched a presentation about the life of a milk cow, ate samples of curds (squeaky cheese) and milk, and petted and fed goats and baby calves.
Here is a picture of most of our group. A few did not fit in the picture. We were in a barn where the movie was shown about the life of a milk cow and we had the food samples.

Feeding the mother goat.

Feeding the baby calf.

I think this little girl is so cute. She has no fear because her grandparents raise alpacas and she is around them all the time.

CHESS 20th anniversary banquet

Colorado Heritage Education School System (CHESS) has been our home school umbrella private school for 19 years. It was our privilege to go to the 20th anniversary banquet last week and celebrate the years of growth and services CHESS has provided the homeschooling community. We also honored the founders of CHESS, Steve and Teri Ong, for their years of sacrifice and inspiration.

Beth, Jason, and Emily were servers with three other homeschoolers and the chef and his son.

Part of the crowd listening to Kevin Swanson, former Executive Director of Christian Home Educators of Colorado (CHEC).

The Albertson servers

Beth got to help by "serving" Faith Clifford her bottle before the banquet!