Monday, October 22, 2012

29 Wonderful Years... and Counting!

Mother and Daddy have given their children a truly beautiful picture
of how blessed and sweet the grace God can make a marriage.
October 22, 1983 was a very special day.  It was the day that the Rowen Albertson family was established before God, family, and many friends.  Today is the 29th anniversary of when my parents began their life together.  Of course the twenty-five year old groom and twenty-two year old bride could not have imagined all that would transpire through these years.  But as they have experienced each joy and sorrow, rest or worry, blessing or testing, friend and foe, they have drawn on the grace of God: they have gone in His power, His strength, His will, His love.  They have been a conduit of God’s presence, of His love.  They have shared His light to those in despair.  They have given of their time, energy, money, home, resources, talents, to many who needed a friend, a lift, an encourager, a word of wisdom, or life changing salvation through Christ.  Mother and Daddy have poured their lives out for us, their children, giving and giving and giving again so that we can be ready to be and do what God wants for us.  They have shown us through example and purposely taught us to be prudent, to have balance in our lives, how to use money wisely, to get out of our comfort zone if necessary to do the right thing, to not conform to the world’s mindsets and behaviors, and to love God most of all!  If we can learn that, everything else will be much more easy to learn!   Here are some pictures from their wedding day. ~ Beth Albertson, October 22, 2012

Janet and Rowen were united in marriage...

Rex and Wanda Scoles with Janet.

Janet with Sherry Wampler (Scoles at the time), sister  and maid-of-honor.

Herbert and Alice Albertson, with youngest son, Rowen on his wedding day.

Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Our oldest son, Randy, and his wife, Joy and boys, Quil, Micah, and Jonathan visited us for a couple of days last week.  Jonathan got in the most pictures, but he is kind of new to the family, only 2 months old, so he deserved the extra attention!  In the picture below, I was making funny noises and faces to get some smiles from Jonathan.

Quil, age 5

Micah, age 3 1/2

Randy and Jonathan.  We looked at baby pictures and thought there is some resemblance!

We were so glad to have the time with them, even though it was short.  

When it comes to cello music...

When it comes to cello music using a stick is better than going without!

Jason and Emily playing music at the cabin...

Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Tea at Two, September 22

These are the cucumber sandwiches Emily and I made for the tea!

Jason and Emily provided the background music.

The Lord really helped them to play well and not be nervous.  Jason also played the piano while people were eating and everybody enjoyed their music.

Vernell and Karen, the ladies responsible for the decorations.  They bought many teapots so each table had one as a centerpiece; they also purchased more tea cup sets and donated to the Historical Society so we had plenty without having to borrow.  They are amazing, creative, and generous ladies!

The tables were all so pretty!

Close up of the table decor, and the program that Beth designed

Me at the quilt raffle table

One of the teen age servers, serving tea with the teapot Rowen got me for my birthday this year!

Another one of the teen age servers.  She is placing a piece of candy at each setting.  In the background, Jason and Emily are playing right beside the raffle quilt.

Folks coming in the door for the tea; the hats were a fun touch to the Tea.

Some of our favorite people with me in the picture: Dr. Cara Brown and daughters, Faith and Hope.

Picture taken when most of the people were there.  The lady at the microphone (click on the picture to see it larger) is Pat.   She was the organizer behind the Tea again this year.  Last year's tea was a Mother/Daughter Tea.
The serving line for the yummy food!
Our speaker, Preethi Burkholder, adding cream to her tea.

Preethi is from Sri Lanka.  She spoke on the history of tea and gave first hand accounts of visiting the tea estates in Sri Lanka (formerly Ceylon).  She provided door prizes of Ceylon tea.

 Tea at Two was a fundraiser for the Johnstown Historical Society.  Everybody had a fun time and it was a beautiful event!