Thursday, April 28, 2011

Janet's surgery

Janet Albertson is out of surgery and in recovery for 1 hr. before she'll be moved to a room (to stay overnight). The surgery went as well as possible. The in-surgery pathology test of 3 lymph nodes showed cancer, so they took out some(#?) more lymph nodes, which means more intense pain and greater volume of pain med. They said that chemo will almost certainly be required because of her having cancer in lymph nodes. The cancer that was removed today will be tested; the Dr. will have results next week.

We greatly appreciate our Father's care of us. He has wrapped us in love and peace and given us the support of many praying friends. We thank Him for the blessing of you being in our lives and for your prayers and kindness. We know He will carry us through, no matter what is ahead. We are so glad to know Jesus in our lives everyday!

- Beth A.