Saturday, May 7, 2016

Catching up on the rest of March

March 17, Emily turned 18!  On Wednesday, the day before her birthday, she made and decorated her cake. After that she went to her sign language lesson and violin lesson, then we brought her friend Natalie back home with us.

Randy and Joy's family and Joanna also came up for supper. We had potato soup, salad, and the cake for dessert.
Here, Emily is about to open her gift from Rowen and me, which she had been very curious about because of it being in such a large box!
It was a new, black, violin bow! She was very surprised and thankful!
We don't have pictures from her actual birthday, but she had a nice time with Joanna and Natalie (who both spent the night), playing some games with them, then going to the Bright Lights Bible study with them.
Elizabeth and I playing "Go Fish" with Jonathan and Jewelyn that night.

On the 19th some friends of ours, Richard and Judy Grout, who are missionaries to Russia, came to stay with us for a few days while they were on deputation.  One of the evenings, we invited Mary Cruz, a friend and co-worker of Elizabeth's, and our new friends, Brandon and Susan Owensby over for supper.
After supper, there was music and visiting.  Emily learned two Russian songs on the violin that she played with Judy at our church and another church where the Grouts spoke.
Our Elizabeth with Richard Grout
Brandon and Susan Owensby, new friends who just moved to Johnstown.
Palm Sunday, we had a very different service than usual with the Grouts there to share about Russia.
Bro. Grout preached...
...and Sis. Grout did the children's part. The kids loved learning a song in Russian and interesting things about Russia, and hearing the gospel message as it was presented in a different way than normal.
Sis. Grout used Russian nesting dolls as an illustration.
Sunday dinner after the service
 The weather was acting like spring, so we got to go on a few walks.
 Our cheerful crocuses
 But it wasn't spring for very long. We got a snow on March 23rd. The snow stuck in an interesting way on our fence, because of it coming with a lot of wind.
 Our backyard
 Elizabeth shoveling
Easter Sunday weekend, we got more snow!  Emily spent the weekend with Randy and Joy. She enjoyed playing in the snow with the kids.
Getting the Easter snack ready
Easter Sunday morning pictures - Jonathan and Jewelyn
James Aquila, Micah Rowen, Jonathan Randall, and Jewelyn Alice - four of our precious grandchildren!
Joy, Joanna, and Jewelyn
Rowen and Jewelyn - Jewelyn loves her Grandpa Albertson!
 On the 28th, Ed and Heather Durham, missionaries to Budapest, Hungary came to our church for a mission service.
 We enjoyed hearing about their work there and how God is helping them.
On the 30th, Randy and Joy's family came up for supper and the evening. For dessert, those who like root-beer, enjoyed root-beer floats. The ones who don't prefer root-beer had coffee or chocolate milk on theirs.
Jonathan, Joanna, Quil, and Randy
 Joy, Micah, and Elizabeth
 Janet, Jewelyn, and Rowen
 Elizabeth, Joanna, and Emily played "farm" with the kids.
 Grandma played a game with Jonathan called "Mancala".
 Grandpa played with Jewelyn
 One of Grandma's duties and joys is to clip the little-peoples' fingernails.
 Emily reading to the boys before Randy and Joy left. The boys were already in pajamas so they'd be ready for bed when they got home.