Wednesday, December 23, 2015

Albertson Family December 23, 2015

Albertson Family Christmas Letter 2015  

Dear Family and Friends, 

We hope that this letter finds each of you closer to God than you were a year ago!  God has been faithful and good to us, far beyond what we deserve.  We are so grateful for this season of the year which reminds us of the reason why Jesus came.  It was a dark world when He came as the Light of the World.  We pray each day that we will shine His light to others. 

We have been privileged to have Elizabeth, 22, home this whole year.  She has been working at Ace Hardware and saving her money for when she goes back to God’s Bible School in August 2016, Lord willing.  She has gotten much experience playing piano for congregational singing at church and teaching part time in the children’s part of the services.  Lately, she has been teaching English language and American culture via video chat to a friend in South Korea who wants to improve on her speaking and understanding.  This summer when the rest of us went on vacation, Elizabeth canned green beans and made homemade catsup.  She enjoyed spending a few November days in Indiana for a friend’s bridal shower.  

Emily, 17, is a senior in high school this year.  She got her braces off in March and also took a trip by herself to California to a youth camp.  She was so thrilled to get to go to the ocean on this trip.  This fall, she got her driver’s license, so now she is able to go by herself wherever she needs to go.  Last week, she took a CPR and First Aid class with other homeschoolers.  She started back into violin lessons in September and has learned 3rd position and vibrato techniques.  She played in a recital last weekend and her teacher says she is progressing very well.  Emily continues to learn sign language; she doesn’t know just how the Lord will use that skill in the future.  She has participated in Bright Lights Bible Studies all this year and enjoys the fellowship with other young ladies.  She has given blood twice and has no difficulty doing that.  She continues to take beautiful photographs, even getting to do two senior photo shoots this year, and has sold her photo cards to loyal repeat customers and to many homeschool parents at the Home School Conference in Denver.   

Jeffrey, 24, graduated from God’s Bible School in May and went to Fargo, North Dakota to Summer Institute of Linguistics for eight weeks this summer.  Since mid-August, he is at home in Iowa where he is housesitting for missionaries in Kenya, and being youth minister at a church nearby.  He is teaching Sunday school and youth meetings, and preaching occasionally for the senior pastor.  He is continuing his courtship with a precious young lady.  He had two online classes to finish his B.A., so those are now complete.  We enjoyed having him home for a week in September. 

Jason, 20, is halfway through his third year at God’s Bible School.  He has enjoyed playing cello in the Symphonic Wind and String Ensemble every year.  This is his second year to also sing in a double quartet for the SWSE services.  In May, the group went to Grand Cayman to have services, teach students, and do volunteer work in a Christian school there.  He has loved all his preaching classes and has gotten many opportunities to preach at a church that uses students regularly.  He is dating a precious young lady at GBS. 

In February, Janet and Emily started working one day a week for our doctors’ family, cleaning house and doing laundry all day.  This keeps us busier, and we have to be more efficient with our school work the other days.   

Janet just finished two twin size quilt tops for dear friends’ little girls.  Only one other quilt was completed this year.  She volunteers for the Historical Society more than she wants to.  She also got to be an early election judge for eight days this fall. 

Rowen continues to work for Carestream as a microscopist for 24 years now.  This month, he has been working 10 hour days and is off on Fridays, (great for the honey-do list).  He also volunteers for the Historical Society.  He successfully completed his sixth driving school student (Emily).  He works hard to keep his blood sugar levels in good limits, but it is not a fun game!  Recently, he had cellulitis and phlebitis in his leg, and we realize how important it is to take better care of his extremities.  He added on to our front flower mound and put in more flowers this spring, and did a lot of the gardening.  

Tim and Brenda are expecting a baby boy in mid-February.  Charissa is 4 and loves to videochat with us, sing us songs, and tell us stories.   

Randy and Joy keep busy with their four:  Quil, 8, Micah, almost 7, Jonathan, 3, and Jewelyn 1½.  We are thankful that we get to see them at least every Sunday and sometimes in the week as well. 
We enjoyed trips to Iowa and Ohio in May, and Kansas and Missouri in August.  We are looking forward to all of our children being home for Christmas and spending time together.  We will enjoy having Jeffrey and Jason’s special friends home for Christmas too! 

We hope that you each have a Christ-filled Christmas and 2016!  Maybe this will be the year when Jesus comes back and we go to be with Him!  Be ready! 

- Rowen, Janet, and family