Monday, June 2, 2014

A Day in Missouri

 Some pictures of our short stay in Missouri on our way home from Cincinnati.  Beth and Charissa
 Four generations on my parents' front porch.  Wanda Scoles, Janet, Tim, and Charissa Albertson
 My parents, Rex and Wanda Scoles.  We were so glad to get to see them again, even though it was a short visit.
                                                                 Rowen and Charissa
Beth and Charissa again
                                             Janet, Emily, and Charissa in our matching outfits.
 We went for a cook-out picnic in the evening to one of our favorite, traditional places to picnic in Galena, Ks.                                                           Emily swinging with Charissa
                                                          "Let's go down to the river."
                                                   Brenda teaching Charissa about the river
                                                              Beth swinging Charissa
                                               Tim and Rowen cooking our picnic supper
                                                        Our sweet daugher-in-law, Brenda
                                                             Charissa running like the wind!
                                              Grandma Albertson reading Charissa a story.
                                                Grandpa Albertson reading Charissa a story.
 After a short, but sweet day with our loved ones in Joplin, we traveled on back to Colorado the next day.

Our May vacation to Cincinnati

On May 12, Rowen, Janet, and Emily flew to Cincinnati.  We wanted to take in the SWSE (Symphonic Wind and String Ensemble) end of the year concert, and the camp meeting and graduation, and we were anxious to bring Beth home with us for the summer.  Emily took six hundred pictures, but I will only share a few here.

This was taken on the 13th, a hot sunny day right before three days of rain! 
 We got to eat meals together as a family several times.  Karen, Jason's special friend, joined us and got better acquainted with us.
 Beth took us on a long, hard, beautiful walk through Eden Park, which is close to God's Bible School.
                Finally, I am entering proof that Emily was along by showing a picture that she is in!  :)
                                     Beth and Emily on a bridge on our walk through Eden Park
                                             A couple of ducks framed by the bridge structure.
Also that day, I gave Jeffrey a much needed haircut, since he was leaving the following week for four weeks in Israel.  
 That evening we heard SWSE in their Americana concert.  GBS President Avery prayed the opening prayer.
                                                       A closeup of Jason during the concert.
This was the next morning; camp hadn't started yet.  It was raining, so we spent time in the Girls' Dorm parlor.  Karen and Jason played checkers.  For some unknown reason, about a third of the red checkers were missing.  Being a gentleman, Jason let Karen have the advantage, and yes, she did win.  :)
                   In the rainy afternoon, we went over into Kentucky and saw our friend, Retha Elger.
             Jason accompanied the high school choir on his cello in the opening service of camp meeting.
                                   Rev. Randy Brown was the evening service speaker each day.
Rev. Blake Jones was the morning services and graduation speaker.
                                          Jason, Karen, and Brother Muir, just checking on them.
                                        One of the breakfast meals where we ate with Jeffrey and Jason.
                                                    Karen writing in a yearbook for a friend
 The choir singing for the evening service.  Some of the choir members play instruments for some of the songs the choir sings.  Jason is playing his cello.
This is the majority of Karen's family.  One brother had to work and missed his older two brothers' graduation.
                           Karen received the award from Dr. Allan Brown for the best grades in Greek!
 All the graduates from the college.  The ones in red received Associate Degrees, and the ones in black received Bachelor Degrees.
 Heidi, on the left is Beth's roommate.  Heather is her sister who graduated with an Associates in Business.
                                      Beth and Heidi:  they plan to be roommates again in the fall.
                            Beth and her friend, Mikah, who graduated with a Bachelor's in Missions.
                                                                     Emily and Mikah
 Karen is on the left, next to Marianne Brown, Emily, Janet, and Beth.  Marianne is a mentor to Karen.  Marianne and her husband, Dr. Phil Brown, had us over for a meal on Thursday evening.  We enjoyed the fellowship and food very much.
                          Rev. Larry Smith administered the Communion Service on Sunday morning.
                                                  A picture of our family on Sunday morning.
                                                     Jason and Karen on Sunday afternoon
                                                          She enjoys Jason, as we do!  :)
 Sunday afternoon's service was all about student ministries.  Next up was the Cincinnati Circuit Riders, which Jason and Jeffrey have both participated in.  Jeffrey spoke about it, while Jason just had to sit there and look nice.  :)
                                                       Jeffrey waiting for his turn to speak
                                       Jeffrey speaking about teaching outreach to area churches.

                                             The choir singing again.  Jason is top second right.
On Monday, the 19th, we helped with campus cleanup, and shortly after 12:30 p.m. we were free to leave with Beth and head for Joplin.  We arrived at 11 p.m. at Tim and Brenda's house.  Jason left the next day with the choir on their first ever "Western Tour."  Jeffrey flew away on Tuesday to Israel to spend the next four weeks there as part of a class.