Monday, June 2, 2014

A Day in Missouri

 Some pictures of our short stay in Missouri on our way home from Cincinnati.  Beth and Charissa
 Four generations on my parents' front porch.  Wanda Scoles, Janet, Tim, and Charissa Albertson
 My parents, Rex and Wanda Scoles.  We were so glad to get to see them again, even though it was a short visit.
                                                                 Rowen and Charissa
Beth and Charissa again
                                             Janet, Emily, and Charissa in our matching outfits.
 We went for a cook-out picnic in the evening to one of our favorite, traditional places to picnic in Galena, Ks.                                                           Emily swinging with Charissa
                                                          "Let's go down to the river."
                                                   Brenda teaching Charissa about the river
                                                              Beth swinging Charissa
                                               Tim and Rowen cooking our picnic supper
                                                        Our sweet daugher-in-law, Brenda
                                                             Charissa running like the wind!
                                              Grandma Albertson reading Charissa a story.
                                                Grandpa Albertson reading Charissa a story.
 After a short, but sweet day with our loved ones in Joplin, we traveled on back to Colorado the next day.

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