Monday, August 27, 2012

Long awaited pictures of baby Jonathan!

 I spent nearly three weeks with Randy and Joy after the birth of Jonathan on August 2, 11:02 p.m.  These pictures loaded in reverse order.  The top pictures are the most recent, and they progress to younger and younger pictures.
 Jonathan is very alert.  This picture shows that blister that nursing babies always get until their lip gets calloused.
 We can pretend that this is a real smile!
 Micah and Quil love to hold Jonathan.  It is their favorite thing to do in the day!
 They like to talk to him and sing to him.  They love it when he is hungry and he nibbles on their cheek!
 Great-grandpa Scoles holding Jonathan one of his first times to church.
 Great-grandma Scoles holding Jonathan.
 I think he is absolutely beautiful!
 Of course, he does make funny faces sometimes!
 And looks at you through half-closed eyelids...
 Randy holding Jonathan.
 Joy and Quil holding Jonathan.
 I gave him lots of kisses!
 Aunt Emily loved holding him too.  She is the one who took lots of these pictures.
 Aunt Brenda getting acquainted with him.
 Uncle Tim looking him over.
 Charissa getting a taste, I mean giving a kiss!
 These pictures were from the first 24 hours.
 See how alert he is, and he was only about 14 hours old here.
 Showing off his hair.  He has more on the back than on top.
 This was the first time Quil and Micah got to see their new brother.
 So precious!
 First visit with the new baby.
 This was about two hours after his birth.  Randy warmed up towels in the dryer and put them around him to keep him warm.  I couldn't believe he was still so awake!
I was privileged to be there for Jonathan's birth.  That will always be a special memory for me.  He was born at home after a very fast labor.  The midwife was wonderful.  Joy was so brave!  The baby had his two little fists up by his cheeks when he was born, so it was extra hard to push him out.  He weighed 8 lbs. 8 oz. at birth and was very healthy.  We thank God for this gift to our family.