Saturday, September 11, 2010

Reiff Family Reunion 2010

Rowen's Mother, Alice (in her Dad's arms in photo above), was a Reiff. Her parents, David and Ada Reiff, had five sons and four daughters. Their descendants have kept in touch with a circle-letter since the 1960's, and several times through the years have gotten together for a family reunion. Now, all of these original Reiff siblings have passed from this life, along with all but one of their spouses. Only Rowen's uncle, Alvin Gafford, remains alive of that generation, for the Reiff Family.

So it was Rowen's Reiff cousins that wanted to get together again, and some 40 people did so on Sept 6, 2010 (Labor Day), in Colorado Springs, CO. Cousins and second cousins came from Arizona, Georgia, Kansas, Nebraska, Ohio, Texas, and from Colorado to spend nearly 8-hours getting reacquainted, recalling former days, contemplating the current and future state of our country, and this world, among many other topics. There were various kinds of music played and sung, and many photographs of days gone by shared and discussed. It is quite unlikely that those same individuals will ever be together again, as some of the people are doing what seems to come so easy to God's created beings...they are getting older! It was good to be able to attend this event!

Entire Group in the Church Sanctuary, just for the photograph:

Uncle Alvin Gafford:

Original Reiff Family Cousins that attended the 2010 Reunion

In descending age order: (Front) Paul Reiff, Dave Reiff, Glen Reiff, Wayne Reiff, (Back) Harold Reiff, Howard Albertson, Edwin Gafford, Katherine Gafford, Esther Mendez, and Rowen (youngest Reiff cousin!)