Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Christian Home Educators of Colorado conference June 13-15

 Several months ago, we learned of the opportunity for young homeschoolers with businesses to have a booth in the Christian Home Educators of Colorado conference Youth Vendor Hall.  We felt it would be good for Emily to have this opportunity of exposure for her photography cards and to grow in her confidence and sales skills.
 These pictures were taken after we had set up, but the table behind us was not yet set up.  There were 36 Youth Vendors in all.
 A view of the Youth Vendor Hall.  We were glad to be on the outside row because people did not have to be looking both directions at once.
 The man in the suit at the next booth was interviewing Amy, who was selling bookmarks.  Emily was waiting for her turn to be interviewed.  Three of the youth vendors were chosen as business winners and received cash prizes.  Emily didn't win, but that was fine.
 The next three pictures are the judge interviewing Emily.  The Lord helped Emily to not be too nervous.
 Here the judge is moving on to our other "neighbor", Josh who makes jewelry and key chains out of wire.
 A view of Emily's row from the opposite side.
 A booth out in the middle of the Youth Vendor hall.  This girl had made all of the things she was selling.
 A view from the side.  Rowen is sitting at Emily's booth as she takes this picture.
 Toward the end of Saturday, when most of Emily's merchandise was gone.
Emily has lots of pictures so she can make some more inventory.  If any of our blog readers are interested in ordering photo cards, please go to: http://forhisgloryandhonorphotography.blogspot.com/p/greeting-card-sets.html

Another mountain post from June 23, 2013

 As I mentioned in a previous post, Sundays are the only day we are all together to go to the mountains.  So this past Sunday, we gathered our mashed potatoes, carrots, roast beef, salad, rolls, and blueberry cheesecake, and drove up to one of our favorite picnic spots past Drake, Colorado.
We happened to have Tony Rothfuss with us as a guest.  We haven't seen Tony since 2007; he is a friend from South Dakota.
 While Tony, Jason, and Emily went rock scrambling, Rowen noticed some big horn sheep on a high outcropping.  These pictures are taken with maximum zoom.
 It looks like he is saying something.  There were actually three of them, but Rowen was not able to get all three of them in the pictures.
 While we waited for the hikers to come back, Jeffrey, Beth, and Janet read on their tablet and Kindles.

The Darling Picture Tim and Brenda sent for Father's Day

Our sweetest and only granddaughter!  Charissa Joy Albertson

Father's Day 2013

 On Father's Day, we took all these pictures (and many more that we won't bore you with!) of our family with Rowen.  We are very blessed to have the husband and daddy that God has given us!
 Janet and Rowen
 Jason and Rowen
 Jeffrey and Rowen
 Jason, Rowen, and Jeffrey
 Beth and Rowen
Emily and Rowen

Enjoying the Mountains June 9

 We have been enjoying having Jeffrey home for the summer!  We are so thankful that he was able to get back on at Ace Hardware for a summer job.  One drawback of having three kids working there, is that they are never off at the same time, except for Sundays.  So if we go to the mountains with everybody, it has to be a Sunday afternoon.  This particular day, we found a pull off in the St. Vrain Canyon.  It was a very steep climb down to the water's edge.  The only place for lawn chairs was right by the car.  Beth and Janet sat and enjoyed the sound of the rushing water below.
 Jason, Jeffrey, and Emily clambered around on the rocks awhile.
 Jeffrey found a good place to read.
 As did Rowen!
 Jason found a place to contemplate.
 Emily took some pretty pictures.  Of course....

We are blessed to live in Colorado within a close drive of the mountains.

Surprise visit with Randy's family

 Randy and Joy surprised us with a fast, short visit on June 3-4.  They are planning to move to Federal Heights, Colorado in the near future to be in ministry there, and had come out to make arrangements concerning the move. 
 They had a late evening meal with us, and had to leave by the following afternoon.  Jason and Beth had not gone to Missouri with us in May, so they were glad to see everybody!
 Jonathan was just learning to crawl--still in the "crawl until you get close and then lunge for what you want" stage!
 Micah had time for a couple of Woof stories.
 Because we babysit on Tuesdays, Quil got to play with his friend, Lincoln.  They have played together once or twice a year since they were two years old!
Faith and Hope had fun entertaining Jonathan.  We are looking forward to the future possibilities of being in the lives of our grandsons more than just occasional visits and Skyping infrequently!  We are trusting God to work out all the details of their move to Colorado.

Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Quilt Done--Quilt for Sale!

We picked up this quilt in KCMO on our way to Joplin.  This is the only time I have had a quilt quilted by Julie Garrett Forbis, a childhood friend I found on Facebook.  I have to say she did the best that I have ever seen.  Every stopping and starting thread was tied back in, and then cut off!  What a lot of work!  Her quilting is beautifully done, and the batting is 100% cotton instead of poly.  I think this quilt is well worth the $750 I need out of it.  It is a King size.  Please email me if you are seriously interested in purchasing.

Johnstown BBQ Day June 1, 2013

Back in November, our family was chosen as Volunteers of the Year for the Johnstown Historical Society.  The main torture done to the honorees is to have to ride in the BBQ Day parade.   Last Saturday was a windy day, at least in the morning when the parade happened.  One of the signs on the side of the car blew away during our ride to the parade line-up.  We were conveyed in this 2006 Mustang convertible.  This picture was taken just for fun, when I wanted a break from standing on the sidewalk in the wind.  Nobody trusted me with the keys, so this is strictly pretentious!
After we put the top down, we sat on the back.  These were taken during split seconds when the wind was not gusting.  Otherwise, I had a hand holding onto the hat almost all the time!
 Riding in the parade was one of the things Rowen did not want to do.  But I told him I wasn't the one who was such a terrific treasurer for four years to get us nominated and I wasn't going to ride alone.  Thankfully, he lived through such an embarrassing proceeding!
 As the time neared for the parade starting time, a red Riviera convertible pulled up.  It was our friend Keith Smith, who collects many old and unique cars.  We had asked him to be our driver, but because of his health issues, (a recent leg surgery and non weight bearing restriction), we figured he was not going to be able to drive us.  He had never given us a final answer on it, and we hated to press him when he has been suffering.  However, here he was with one of his fancy cars, and we are already in a different car!  Emily was with us, so since the Volunteer of the Year award was for our family, we decided to put her in Keith's car.
 Here is Emily and her chauffeur and her fancy ride.  This was before she sat up on the back. 
 Our friend and favorite mechanic, Randy Kaus, came by to visit with Keith about his car.
Emily was so thrilled she had brought candy along to throw on the parade route.  That way she didn't have to wave and smile the way her cheesy mother did! 
These ladies carried the banner for the society.  Rowen did that last year, and begged to be allowed to this year.  Laurie Ryterski and Pat Kiovsky carried it in front of our car.
 All of the above pictures were at the parade line up.  The picture below is one that a friend took as we passed by in the parade.
 After the parade was over, we changed out of our fancy clothes and worked at the park all afternoon in the Historical Society's booth, where we sold ice cream treats as a fund raiser.  In the evening, we helped man the Historical displays at the high school.  The evening ended with fireworks at the football stadium.

We are glad to have all that notoriety behind us!  NEVER AGAIN!!