Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Surprise visit with Randy's family

 Randy and Joy surprised us with a fast, short visit on June 3-4.  They are planning to move to Federal Heights, Colorado in the near future to be in ministry there, and had come out to make arrangements concerning the move. 
 They had a late evening meal with us, and had to leave by the following afternoon.  Jason and Beth had not gone to Missouri with us in May, so they were glad to see everybody!
 Jonathan was just learning to crawl--still in the "crawl until you get close and then lunge for what you want" stage!
 Micah had time for a couple of Woof stories.
 Because we babysit on Tuesdays, Quil got to play with his friend, Lincoln.  They have played together once or twice a year since they were two years old!
Faith and Hope had fun entertaining Jonathan.  We are looking forward to the future possibilities of being in the lives of our grandsons more than just occasional visits and Skyping infrequently!  We are trusting God to work out all the details of their move to Colorado.

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