Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Christian Home Educators of Colorado conference June 13-15

 Several months ago, we learned of the opportunity for young homeschoolers with businesses to have a booth in the Christian Home Educators of Colorado conference Youth Vendor Hall.  We felt it would be good for Emily to have this opportunity of exposure for her photography cards and to grow in her confidence and sales skills.
 These pictures were taken after we had set up, but the table behind us was not yet set up.  There were 36 Youth Vendors in all.
 A view of the Youth Vendor Hall.  We were glad to be on the outside row because people did not have to be looking both directions at once.
 The man in the suit at the next booth was interviewing Amy, who was selling bookmarks.  Emily was waiting for her turn to be interviewed.  Three of the youth vendors were chosen as business winners and received cash prizes.  Emily didn't win, but that was fine.
 The next three pictures are the judge interviewing Emily.  The Lord helped Emily to not be too nervous.
 Here the judge is moving on to our other "neighbor", Josh who makes jewelry and key chains out of wire.
 A view of Emily's row from the opposite side.
 A booth out in the middle of the Youth Vendor hall.  This girl had made all of the things she was selling.
 A view from the side.  Rowen is sitting at Emily's booth as she takes this picture.
 Toward the end of Saturday, when most of Emily's merchandise was gone.
Emily has lots of pictures so she can make some more inventory.  If any of our blog readers are interested in ordering photo cards, please go to: http://forhisgloryandhonorphotography.blogspot.com/p/greeting-card-sets.html

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