Friday, June 3, 2011

Randy's surprise visit June 1-2

Nearly 6:30 a.m. Wednesday, we were eating breakfast when a pounding noise started on the garage/kitchen door! Needless to say, it was a little nerve wracking, not knowing who was trying to get into our house! Rowen bravely went to the door and opened it, and the rest of us could tell right away by his voice that it was someone we loved at the door! Quil and Micah were the ones who were knocking! Randy and Joy, Joy's mom and sisters, Quil and Micah had driven overnight to surprise us with a short visit. They were on their way to Mitchell, SD for camp meeting and came a couple days early to see us.
We were so glad to see them because they had planned to come for graduation and had not been able to. (The only sad thing was that Tim and Brenda did not get to come.)
Here are some pictures of us at Viestenz-Smith Mountain Park that evening. We had a picnic at our favorite picnic table by the Big Thompson River.

We took some "almost 4 year old" pictures of Quil.

A family picture on the rock we always take pictures on...

A couple pictures of an older loverly couple who were in the park...

They are really "sweet" on each other.

After many other pictures, too numerous to show, we went home and had cake and ice cream for Quil's birthday (which is June 11).

Grandma showing the boys their pictures on the computer the next day.

Thursday evening we went to Johnstown Lake to walk around it and take more pictures.
Here are Emily and Joanna, who have been good friends since Randy and Joy's courting days of 2005.

Aunt Beth and Quil

Micah and Uncle Jeffrey.

Micah and Uncle Jason

Quil and Micah and their aunts: Joanna, Ranae, Emily, and Beth

Randy, Joy, Quil and Micah

This is a picture of a nervous Grandma, holding Quil down on the pier, in case gravity should let go!

I'm much more relaxed when he has his back to the water!

Randy and Joy enjoying the Colorado evening.

It was a blessing to have them here a couple of days. Now they are safely in Mitchell, SD and we pray they will be a blessing in the camp, and especially that the Lord would use Randy in the Youth Services.