Saturday, March 24, 2012

Carmen Cruz and Michael Durkee's wedding March 24, 2012

Today two of our favorite people married each other. We have known both of them for many years, and we are delighted that they decided they belonged together. Here are some snapshots from the wedding.
Alan and Betty Durkee, parents of the groom.

Eladio and Sherolyn Cruz, with the bride Carmen.

Three bridesmaids, Emily Albertson, Esther Troyer and Mary Cruz, sisters of the bride

One of the kisses!

Michael and Carmen

With the beautiful cakes

With the attendants, minus one of the groomsmen

The Cruz family

The Durkee family

Emily and Janet with the happy couple. Mike has been one of our "adopted" sons. We are happy to have our 4th adopted son married. We prayed for each of them to find a good wife and they all have!

Emily looking sweet!

I had the privilege of making the bridesmaid dresses. This is when I was laying out the pattern for the matching slips that I made for each girl.

This week when I had finished the dresses! So thankful for the Lord's help! I had to have it, especially with two of the girls far away and unable to try on the dresses. I held my breath until I saw that they fit nicely! :)

We pray for God's blessings on this new Christian home.
I want to say also that I appreciated the modesty of the bride and her attendants. It was a beautiful God-honoring wedding.