Friday, March 15, 2013

Quilting Projects in 2013

 This first quilt is my 2012 Facebook Block of the Month Quilt.  I finished it late December and gave it to our dear friends, the Browns, who are like extended family to us.
 In January I made a quilt top for a boy here in town. It is a twin size, so on our queen "model bed" you don't get the full effect.  The black border will be hanging down on a twin size bed.  I made a matching fully lined pillow case too.  This quilt is at the quilter's in Kansas now. 
 This next quilt top is a king size.  This quilt has seven browns in it.  It is called Indian Hatchet String quilt.  The "string" part of it is because of the small strips that make up the middle section of each block.  There are 176 seven inch blocks in this quilt!  The string sections are made up of ten strips, and there are twelve combinations of the strip sections so that it is randomized.  I sent this quilt top off to an old friend in KC to quilt.  My Kansas quilter can only do queens and smaller.  I was glad to find my childhood friend on Facebook and find out she could machine quilt king size quilts.

Yesterday, my cousin, LaDeana and her daughter, Tiffany spent the day with us.  We started a quilt for Tiffany with four of us working together:  Emily, Tiffany, LaDeana, and me. We had three sewing machines going, and someone cutting strips or pinning.  LaDeana picked the Carrousel pattern, like Aiden's Quilt, because it is a very easy and fast pattern.  A couple of weeks ago, we went shopping together and Tiffany picked out the fabrics she wanted. 
In the afternoon, Tiffany and Emily began laying out the quilt blocks on the floor.
Here is Tiffany with all the blocks laid out. (The colors are much more vibrant in real life.  The borders are a rich purple.)  This is for a full/queen size, but without the borders yet.  We actually got five rows sewed together before quitting for the day.  Another long day, and we should be able to get it done.  So we are waiting to see when that day can happen.  It was fun to work together like ladies used to in the "olden days" of quilting bees.  Only, we didn't gossip.  :) We did listen to Odyssey cds and enjoyed each other's company.