Saturday, January 1, 2011

Christmas "party" with Kauses

We enjoyed an evening with the Kauses on December 23rd. Each of us kids from both families shared music, our families exchanged gifts, and we had some snacks. The Kauses have been dear friends to us!

“I wanna see the pictures you took!” - Leigh Anna

Mother and Daddy modeling beautiful new scarfs, crocheted by Kelly

Emily and Leigh Anna--best friends

Jason and Emily sharing music.

Jason modeling his new hat.. er.. scarf.

Leigh Anna looks like she wants to play too!

Randy and Kelly

Beautiful New Quilt!

Janet made this beautiful quilt, finishing it in December. The pattern is called “Nine-Patch Plaid”.

Caroling night in Federal Heights

On December 17th all of us workers (except Jeffrey who had to work) at the Sunday School in Federal Heights caroled to all of our current Sunday School kids and their families and gave them cookie plates. But first, we filled the plates and put a Christmas note on top of the foil plate covers.

L-R: Rowen, Janet,Tonya Sickler, Beth, and Steve Cunningham

Tonya Sickler loading a plate full of goodies

Beth- "Want some?"

Christmas card taped on and the plate is ready to go.

While we prepared plates, Stacy McVey and Kassie and Titus played "pony."

Before caroling we ate supper, and after successful caroling (people responded positively), we had dessert and played games.

Ben and Marlene Reynolds

Tonya Sickler and Steve Cunningham