Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Jason's 16th birthday

(This is a picture of Jason enjoying Jeffrey's desk after Jeffrey left for college. Jeffrey misses his good chair quite a bit.)

Last week, Jason attained the age of 16.
He also took the test to get his driver's permit and passed. Now he has a year to learn and practice driving. He worked at ACE Hardware on his birthday until late in the evening. His boss always gets a birthday cake for each one's birthdays, so we waited until the next day to make our special dessert for him. We don't have picture proof, but the blueberry cheesecake was very delicious! Jason's birthday gift was a light for his piano.

The book open on the piano is one from a Walker Hymn Sing. We sing a hymn before prayer each evening.
The special activity for Jason's birthday was going bowling with Uncle Dan and Aunt Esther Mendez and the cousins: Hadassah, Sarah, and Kwani. We were all beginners, as I haven't bowled since 1980, and Rowen since 1983. The kids had never bowled. The Mendezes gave us pointers, and we enjoyed learning. All of us made at least one strike. We played two games and felt appropriately worn out! Thankfully, none of us were the worse for the wear the next day.
We thought this lane label was appropriate for the occasion.

The Kaus Family's new baby

Our dear friends, Randy and Kelly Kaus, have a new baby boy to love. Luther Lawrence Kaus was born on September 1, and weighed 9 lbs, 4 oz! He is now home from the hospital and we are looking forward to getting acquainted with him. We praise God for his blessings!
Luther's siblings: Quinten, LeighAnna, and Harrison

Kelly and baby Luther

Proud daddy, Randy and Luther

Luther all dressed up to go home from the hospital