Saturday, April 30, 2011

Steve and Gwen Geise visit April 25-26

It was our distinct honor and pleasure to have Steve and Gwen Geise and their family, Isaac, Micah, Titus, and Shoshanah with us early this week. We love and appreciate this missionary family from South Africa. We are so glad they could fit in a visit with us this week before my surgery.
This is Isaac, obviously not a timid eight-year-old!

This is Titus. He will be three May 10.

Here Beth is asking Isaac and Micah if they really should be living so dangerously. One of them replied, "Girls are always nervous about what boys are doing!"

Micah, 5, in front, Titus behind

Jason, Jeffrey, and Beth playing on the trampoline with the three boys. They seemed to love having older playmates!

Emily holding Titus while Micah is being silly in the foreground.

The boys loved playing Legos with Jeffrey and Jason.

Shoshanah is precious and we loved getting to hold her. We love that red hair and plan to get a grandchild of our own with red hair someday! Shoshanah will be one year old May 5.

Friday, April 29, 2011

Home from the hospital

Hi Everybody,
Thanks for all the prayers! Prayers are wonderful. I know I am feeling as well as I am because of God answering all the prayers! I'm sore and a little swollen, but it could be a lot worse. I am sleepy from all the interrupted hospital sleep. I'm hoping to get better sleep tonight. God is good all the time and much better to me than I deserve!
A sweet homeschool friend brought over a bountiful supper meal for us tonight, and some other homeschool friends brought us brownies. Another friend brought over a Get Well Soon balloon and a potted geranium. We are being well taken care of by God's Family.
This pink shirt was given to me by the general surgeon's office. It is velcro-ed together almost every seam and has inside pockets for my drains to ride in. This picture was taken before I left the hospital.

Love to all, Janet

Thursday, April 28, 2011

Janet's surgery

Janet Albertson is out of surgery and in recovery for 1 hr. before she'll be moved to a room (to stay overnight). The surgery went as well as possible. The in-surgery pathology test of 3 lymph nodes showed cancer, so they took out some(#?) more lymph nodes, which means more intense pain and greater volume of pain med. They said that chemo will almost certainly be required because of her having cancer in lymph nodes. The cancer that was removed today will be tested; the Dr. will have results next week.

We greatly appreciate our Father's care of us. He has wrapped us in love and peace and given us the support of many praying friends. We thank Him for the blessing of you being in our lives and for your prayers and kindness. We know He will carry us through, no matter what is ahead. We are so glad to know Jesus in our lives everyday!

- Beth A.

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Senior pictures of Beth and Jason

Congratulations to Beth and Jason for their completion of high school. Graduation is May 12. Here are some pictures we took of them to send with the graduation announcements.
This one you might have seen before. It was the first attempt at outdoor pictures of Beth. The sun was too bright for her glasses.

We took the rest one evening when it was rather cloudy, so the glasses didn't darken up as much. Beth is seventeen and graduating this year. She plans to stay home this next year and concentrate on Homemaking 101. School has been too busy for her to learn everything else she wanted to learn.

Formal Jason with his cello. Jason is graduating before he turns sixteen. He will be working full time making money for college at our local ACE Hardware Store.

A few casual shots of Jason

A couple tree climbing shots

Here are a couple of pictures of both Beth and Jason

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Surgery date

Dear Friends and Family,
I finally have a surgery date for my breast cancer surgery. It will be Thursday, April 28 at 8:30 a.m. I would much rather have had it sooner, but the things which were out of my control were still in God's control. So I trust it is the very best date for the surgery.

Please pray for both surgeons to be careful, skillful, and wise. Pray that I will be safe from infection, bleeding, or reactions to the anesthesia. Pray that I will heal well and be a "good" patient for my husband and kids! Pray that my life will be a true reflection of Christ's life in me throughout the course of the journey.

I am humbled by and thankful for all the prayers already prayed, the cards I have received, the kind offers by so many friends. Please know that God has been answering your prayers by giving peace and calmness and direction. Many people I don't even know are praying for me! How wonderful to belong to the big family of God!

Janet Albertson

Sunday, April 10, 2011

Miscellaneous pictures and happenings from March and April

On March 26, Beth, Emily, and I went to a Women's Conference in Greeley and got to hear Eric and Leslie Ludy speak on "Authentic Beauty," which was all about surrendering to Christ and really knowing God. It was a great conference.

March 27, we went to Colorado Springs to revival service and spent a little time with Uncle Alvin and Katie.

We love getting to see them every now and then.

Katie took this picture of our group before we left their house.

On March 31, I bound the edge of the newest quilt. I gave it to Jason for a graduation gift.

We need to get some good pictures of both Beth and Jason for graduation. Since Beth's glasses get dark in the sun, we haven't figured out how to do good outdoor pictures.

I still think the pictures are sweet, even with dark glasses!

Jason was needing a haircut this day; at least his glasses don't get dark. He's offered to let Beth borrow his for her pictures! :) We'll keep trying...

The mountains are beautiful this time of year.

Spring in Colorado! This was a short, fierce snowstorm we had last Sunday!

Fun times with Lincoln on the rope swing:

Lincoln looking sweet! He has a hard time smiling without making silly faces nowadays, so this was one of the only "normal" pictures.

Beth teasing Lincoln!

Jeffrey and I in the car on our way to Federal Heights telling a funny story.

Pastor Mike Yancey (from Lakewood Wesleyan Bible Church) and his family came up for the evening April 1. We had a great visit and enjoyable music time with him and his family. Mike didn't want to drown out the rest of the instruments, so he used a "high tech" mute: a dishtowel!

Classic picture of Jason playing his cello that evening.

An interesting artifact donated to our museum this week: a glass negative! I am planning to research glass negatives and find out about how old it is.

A picture of my sweet husband, whom I love very much!

This weekend, Emily's friend, Amy has been visiting. They have had a fun time together.

They made these yummy pretzels yesterday.