Saturday, April 30, 2011

Steve and Gwen Geise visit April 25-26

It was our distinct honor and pleasure to have Steve and Gwen Geise and their family, Isaac, Micah, Titus, and Shoshanah with us early this week. We love and appreciate this missionary family from South Africa. We are so glad they could fit in a visit with us this week before my surgery.
This is Isaac, obviously not a timid eight-year-old!

This is Titus. He will be three May 10.

Here Beth is asking Isaac and Micah if they really should be living so dangerously. One of them replied, "Girls are always nervous about what boys are doing!"

Micah, 5, in front, Titus behind

Jason, Jeffrey, and Beth playing on the trampoline with the three boys. They seemed to love having older playmates!

Emily holding Titus while Micah is being silly in the foreground.

The boys loved playing Legos with Jeffrey and Jason.

Shoshanah is precious and we loved getting to hold her. We love that red hair and plan to get a grandchild of our own with red hair someday! Shoshanah will be one year old May 5.

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The Dickinsons said...

I put this comment on your family recipe blog, but didn't know if you would get it there, so am leaving it here.
Thanks, I got to fun recipes off your blog. I was HAPPY to see the choc. chip cookie recipe for HIGH altitudes...since that is where I live. (Bogota, Colombia is nearly 9,000 ft. above sea level. =)
And the Peanut Butter popcorn looks good.
Nice that the Geise's got to visit with y'all! =)