Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Janet's 52nd birthday, August 24

 The night before my birthday, we bought two boxes of tomatoes at the Farmers' Market.  With Rowen helping, we made about 4 gallons of tomato juice that evening.
 Just beyond me, the roaster oven pan with tomato juice in it.  I had never used it for making catsup before, but it worked great.  I also ended up with that spaghetti pan full of it too.
 Rowen had never been here when we used the Squeezo-Strainer, so he enjoyed getting to man that!
 This is the yummy cheesecake that Beth had her co-worker make for me.  It was really yummy, with or without strawberries! Joy also made me a different kind of cheesecake and brought it up for Sunday.  I love cheesecake, so I was doubly blessed!
 This is on my actual birthday, after canning 36 pints of catsup!  I processed them all in the oven instead of water bathing.  It took half as long because we could do 15 at a time and didn't add all the steamy moisture to the kitchen.
 Also on my birthday, we were invited to a wiener roast at the Browns' land.  It was a beautiful evening to be outside and enjoy being with our dear friends.
 You can see from this picture what a nice view of the mountains they have from their land.
 There was a partial rainbow to remind us that God keeps His promises, every one of them!
 My sweet friend, Dr. Cara.
 Lincoln, so big now; he was only one year old when we started babysitting him!
 Hope, playing catch with her sister.
 Faith, ready to catch the ball.
 The scene from a distance
 Emily and Hope shooting the BB guns  at some cans set up for targets.
 Feeding our faces...
 Faith's 13th birthday was August 18.  Emily drew a picture of her and gave it to her in a zebra frame.  She loves all things zebra.
 There was candy corn in the package too!
 We had s'mores for dessert.
 This candle played the birthday song!
 Those s'mores had the Jumbo size marshmallows in them!
The fire after it got dark
I had a very blessed birthday!  God is good to me!

Randy and Joy moving to Colorado

On August 12, Janet flew to Joplin and then drove back August 13 with Joy and 1-2 little boys in the van, while Randy and 1-2 little boys came in the big truck.  The Lord gave us good travel.  On the 14th, Randy painted the bedrooms and living room of the parsonage in Federal Heights, and on the 15th, the truck was unloaded.  Randy has pictures of some of that.  What we have pictures of is mostly the babysitting that took place that week.  The Browns were with us on Thursday, as well as Quil, Micah, and Jonathan.
                    Jonathan being silly with Grandma.
The next day, we only had Jonathan and Micah with us, as Quil helped with unloading the truck.  We also had Honor and Liberty Peterson staying for a few days with us.  Liberty and Jonathan played together nicely.
     Jonathan is learning to pull up to everything, but is not walking yet.
                  Emily accidentally spoiling Jonathan a tiny bit.
                               Emily keeping both babies happy at the same time.
                                 Jonathan was glad to see Grandpa!
                  Jason playing the guitar to relax after the hard unloading day.
Feeding Liberty her bottle
                      Honor made a huge traffic jam on the railroad track!
                                Jeffrey holding Liberty
Randy and Joy and boys came back on Sunday to eat dinner with us and Honor.  Liberty must have been in her nap.
                     We played some games with the boys in the afternoon.
                               Beth holding a sleepy Liberty.
                           The boys made some pictures with magnetic foam pieces.
                                  Jonathan crawling toward the camera.
                                  Jonathan getting climbing stairs lessons.
                                 Jason supervising the lessons.
                                  Jason playing Blokus with Quil and Micah
                                         Jonathan confined to the portacrib.
                           Janet and Joy visiting while holding the babies.
                                    Randy and Joy
                                    Couch time
Jeffrey and Jonathan
                                            Jason and Jonathan
        Honor eating a snack before his parents came to get Liberty and him.
The Lord helped us with the busy week of moving Randy's family, and babysitting.  Jeffrey and Jason not only helped with the moving projects, but they also packed up and left the next day for God's Bible School in Cincinnati.