Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Making family memories with Jeffrey and Jason

 I am behind on blogging, so this is old news...
On August 4, as we ate our Sunday dinner on the deck, we decided we needed to go to the mountains again before Jeffrey and Jason left for college.
 So we drove up to Lily Lake near Estes Park, and took a hike and then walked around the lake.  The picture below is the view of Longs and Meeker Peaks from the hiking trail.
  Here are our kids on the trail--some of the dearest best young people we know!  :)
    This is a pretty civilized trail, even though we got out of breath a few times.
                                           Jeffrey, on top of the world!
                        Someone was "looking down" on the old parents!
           One of our favorite resting benches with such a beautiful view behind it!
                                     Rowen and Janet
                               The girls surrounded by their protectors
          Age order:  Jeffrey 22, Beth almost 20, Jason almost 18, Emily 15
 The college boys.  They've been roommates most of their life and now roommates for college.
                       Figuring out the map to get back down to the lake.
 We had a beautiful afternoon together, making memories in the mountains.

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