Tuesday, September 27, 2011

A Couple of Blessings

We just wanted to take the opportunity (our blog) to share a couple of blessings we received from the Lord today, through two different ladies.

1) Plums for Mother. The woman who is learning Dad's work has a plum tree and shared some plums with our family last week. They were VERY yummy, but especially so to Mother. Her taste is very adversely affected with the treatments she's been having, so when something is good, we try to capitalize on that - like having SunnyD available for her to drink! Well, Dad told this lady that the plums were DELICIOUS to Mother, and she gave her some more today. We are SO thankful!!!

2) A homeschool friend picked and gave ~5 or 6 gallons of green beans to us today. We always try to grow green beans in our garden, but have had very small crops for a couple of years. We were so glad for the gift of more to can (or "jar" rather =) ).