Friday, November 11, 2011

Mountain cabin vacation 2011 Day 3

We're currently waiting for little Miss Albertson (Tim and Bren's girl) to make her appearance any time now, so I thought I'd write this last post about our cabin vacation; so that when she is born, the post announcing her arrival can be at the top of our blog for a while! (Just to be clear, we are not in Missouri waiting for her, but just waiting for the news.)

On the quiet Friday morning of our vacation we decided to play Scrabble. We did have a hard time coming up with any high-scoring words.

Then we took anniversary pictures of Daddy and Mother and went on a little walk around the property's woods.

Daddy and Mother at "Cell-phone Signal Rock":


Such a restful, quiet, solitary place.

Mother sitting on the porch just before lunch.

After lunch we packed up, cleaned the cabin, and headed down to Colorado Springs. We went to a dollar store and stocked up on prizes for the Federal Heights Sunday School. When we got out of the van to go into the store, Jason's wallet fell to the ground unnoticed. After shopping we went to meet our loved-ones for supper, but when that didn't work out due to an unanticipated doctor appointment, we ate at Carl's Jr. It was there we discovered that Jase didn't have his wallet. We searched the van, and went to the couple of places we had been in Colorado Springs (the store parking lot and our relatives' house), and realized that it had to have fallen out when he got out at the store and was not there anymore. We drove the two hours home. Even though we were concerned and praying about Jason's missing wallet, we enjoyed singing hymns on the way. It wasn't until Saturday morning that we listened to our answering machine. The Christian lady who found the wallet in the parking lot had taken it home with her, not leaving it to be stolen. She found an I.D. card in it that Tim had made for Jase when he was around 9 years old, saw our phone number, called, and left a message. She mailed the wallet and he received it safely in a few days. We are thankful for God's hand in our life situations such as this. He truly cares and answers prayer!