Friday, March 16, 2012

Emily is turning Fourteen!

In honor of Emily, who turns 14 tomorrow (March 17), I am posting some recent pictures of her. This one was taken this week, as she was sitting on our trampoline.

This was taken at her last violin lesson February 29. Emily's violin music is a blessing to our family. God has given her a wonderful gift of feeling and playing music beautifully.

This is Emily in a bridesmaid dress I made that she will be wearing March 24th. There will be more pictures and words about that in after the wedding!

On Wednesday the Mendez cousins came over to bring gifts for Emily. The girls were all out on the trampoline together. We are happy the girls have cousins close enough to see often. Kwani, Hadassah, and Sarah are very special to us.

We are thankful for the way the Lord is helping Emily to grow in Him, and to be a blessing. She is finishing 8th grade, her first year of five where she is the only student in our home school. She has some lonely moments, missing Jason and Beth who are working so much at Ace. Emily loves to play her violin, learn piano, write stories, and chat with her friends at a distance. And I think she is going to be a whiz at Algebra next year, because she is doing great in Algebra 1/2. English is fun for her, since she loves to write! We love you, Emily! Happy birthday!