Thursday, August 11, 2011

4th chemo treatment today, 2/3 done!

Hi everybody,

Thanks for the prayers for my health and my chemo treatments. Number 4 went well today. I think I feel better tonight than I have felt after any of the treatments so far. Everybody says I am looking good. I don't know what that means. Maybe they expected me to look worse! I felt like going to Sams Club after the chemo, so I did that with Jeffrey and Beth, who hung out with me today. Part of the time, they had to stay in the lobby, as there were so many patients today. As I look around at the other people going through treatment, I realize how blessed I am to be well and healthy! So many people have a much harder road to travel than I do. Rowen and I had a long walk this evening, and I know that the walking is good to work the chemicals through my body and help to get them processed and out of me quicker. I am thankful for such a loving and supportive family to stand by me and love me through this!

I will still be on steroids through tomorrow, and I found out last time that the extra steroids keep me feeling "up" for a day or so longer than earlier in the treatments. Last time, I still felt relatively well through Sunday, and Monday was the day I started the bone pain. By Wednesday and Thursday, I was having the gastritis symptoms, but not as badly as the first time through, before I went on Prilosec (Omeprazole). By Thursday evening, I was over most of the symptoms and then had a good two weeks of feeling pretty "normal." I was even normal enough to tackle cleaning our three bathrooms yesterday, which I haven't done since my surgery in April! (Don't worry, they have been cleaned regularly by my right hand girl, Beth!)

My eye lashes and eyebrows are thinning out, so I think they will be leaving me eventually. My blood counts have stayed good, with just a little anemia, and plenty of white blood cells.

My next treatment will be September 1. Tomorrow afternoon, I will go in for the extra bag of fluids, and the Neulasta shot. Sixth and final chemo will be September 22!

I want to thank everyone again for every prayer prayed for me and for so many people who have sent encouraging cards to me. God has been my joy, my help, my strength, my healing, and my encouragement in answer to the many prayers. I could not make it without His touch!

Janet Albertson