Thursday, January 17, 2013

For our faithful readers' information:

I blogged so many catching up posts today, that if you want to see them all, you need to click on "Older Posts" when you reach the bottom of the first page.  We wouldn't want you to miss anything!  Thank you!

Catching Up: Jason and Emily played for the Senior Luncheon

On December 19, Jason and Emily played their strings for the seniors at their luncheon.  Jason also played the piano for them.  They played all Christmas songs.  The seniors really enjoyed them and want them to do it every year.  

Last Federal Heights post

Any of you who have followed our blog know that we have gone to Federal Heights on Sunday afternoons for over 3.5 years.  We decided after much prayer to end our ministry there and December 30 was the last service.  We will miss the dear children and keep them in our prayers.  This is the group of children and the helpers who were there that night.

Catching Up: Christmas in Joplin, Part 2

 These first few pictures are of Charissa.  On Christmas Eve morning, Tim, Brenda, and Charissa left to go to Brenda's family in Virginia, so we had a shorter time with them.  We enjoyed getting to stay at their house.  We took a bag of clothes and shoes from our friends here for Charissa.  She fell in love with the boots, as a toy, not as footwear.  :)  She carried the boot around and pretended to be taking something imaginary in and out of it!

Of course, her Grandpa got into that kind of play with her.  He has something clasped in his hand that he just got out of the boot!
Apparently, there was still some more "somethings" in there!

"You know I'm just pretending, right?"
Charissa and her daddy
I think she was going to get her hair done.  That's generally what the spray bottle is for.
Yes, now she has a "fountain" on her head.  This dress is one Janet made for her for Christmas.
 The following pictures are of Christmas Day at the Scoles house.  Even without Tim, Brenda, Charissa, and Beth, there were a bunch of people there.  If you were lucky, you got a chair to sit on.  Otherwise, sit on the floor if you're young enough or share a chair.  :)  There were 34 people there.
Austin, on the floor, behind him, Janet, Sharen, Charles, Leah, Ashley, Lyndell, (second oldest Scoles sibling)
Three lovely cousins:  Blaire, Rebekah, and Amanda
Marlene and Erin, Cody's girlfriend
More beautiful cousins:  Leah and Ashley
Wesley, Tim W., Amanda, Blaire, Rebekah, Andrew, Janet, Zane
In kitchen: Cody, Caleb, Tasha, Sherry
Scott, Micah, and Rowen
Rowen was explaining who everybody was to Micah.
Janet teaching Quil how to play carom.
Janet, Joy, Quil, and Charles
Blaire, Andrew, Cody, Caleb (standing), Tasha, Janet

Blaire (legs) Janet, Joy, Micah, Quil, Sherry, Ashley, Wesley, Marlene, Erin
Janet's oldest sister, Brenda
Sharen (married to Lyndell), Sherry, Ashley
Youngest Scoles sibling, Wesley
Next to youngest Marlene
Daddy Rex Scoles explaining how we were going to get all of us fed!  There was a certain procedure to follow or it wasn't going to work!
The chaos of gifts and Elephant Gift game
Lyndell, Ashley, Scott, Mother Wanda Scoles, Cody, Erin, Wesley, Marlene, Janet, Rowen, Charles, Brenda, Leah
Some more of the chaos:  Charles, Brenda, Rebekah, Blaire (on floor), Andrew, Randy, Tim W., Zane, Sharen, Amanda, Austin, Tasha (on floor), Sherry

Mother opening a gift
Wanda, Cody, Erin, Lisa, Wesley
Mother happy to receive a picture of Cody in uniform
Ashley, Scott, Mother, Cody, Erin, Lisa
Wesley and Lisa read several books to Quil and later, Micah
Brenda, and her daughter, Leah
Austin opening a White Elephant gift.  Amanda, Sharen
Lisa holding Jonathan; Jason, Lyndell
Wes and Lisa with Micah and Quil
Uncle Wesley was trying his best to break Micah of putting his fingers in his mouth.  When he caught him doing it, then Wes would put Micah's fingers in HIS mouth!  Micah didn't like that!  I hope it worked!
Marlene collected tissue paper to use in packing to move.

 Wes, Marlene, and Lyndell's families had to leave by late afternoon, so just our family, Sherry's and Brenda's were left.  There was plenty of room to sit and just relax.
Sherry resting her eyes
Mother and Daddy, tired, and happy for the time with everybody, but sad it was over so quickly.
We had put the living room back together.  Earlier the piano had been moved into the hallway to make more seating room.  
Brenda catching up on Facebook
We were playing Pit with plastic spoons.  Later we played Mexican Train.
Jason, Andrew, Emily, Tasha, Griffin (Tasha's friend), Leah, and Jeffrey

Catching Up: Christmas in Joplin, Part 1

We were glad to have the blessing of going to Joplin for Christmas.  All of our family were able to be together except for Beth, who had babysitting, as well as Ace Hardware obligations.  
Janet and newest grandson, Jonathan

Charissa, learning about her cousins' cars at a young age

Emily and Jonathan with a funny look on his face!

Rowen and Tim

We were playing a game of Taboo after supper at Randy and Joy's house.
Another view of the Taboo game.  We were so happy to have Jeffrey along on this trip.  He got really tired of traveling over Christmas break.  He rode/drove out to Colorado with some friends from Cincinnati who came to ski.  We left the next day for Joplin!  The following Monday, he made a trip with Randy to Indiana to pick up a van full of ABE Painting calendars.  Then two days later, we drove back to Colorado.
Joy's mother and sister are also in the group.  We were glad to get to see them again.
Jason with Jonathan
Emily and her friend, Joanna (Joy's sister)
My dad, Rex Scoles, leading song service on Sunday
Joy leading the children's songs for the Christmas program
Quil and Micah singing with the children
Joy telling the story

Micah and Quil memorized part of Luke 2, and said their verses at the appropriate time in the service.
I was very proud of them saying the verses so well.  
Emily sang with Joy's sisters, Joanna and Ranae.  Brenda played for them.
Brenda and Emily played their violins together.  Jason played for them, but he is hidden in the picture.