Thursday, January 17, 2013

Catching Up: Johnstown Historical Society Activities in November and December

Anyone who reads our Christmas letters knows that Rowen has been the treasurer on the Johnstown Historical Society Board of Directors for the past four years.  At the November Members' Meeting, we celebrated all the volunteers who helped with the fundraising events of the year.

Rowen is giving a treasurer report, seated with the board members who were present.
Our family was honored to be chosen Volunteers of the Year for JHS.  This yummy cake featured a drawing of the Parish House, our town museum.
Our names were added to the Volunteer of the Year plaque which resides on the Parish House porch.
We were given a gift of a beautiful trifle bowl.
On Saturday, December 1, 2012, the Johnstown Historical Society celebrated "Christmas in Johnstown" with a mini tree and wreath event, and a home tour.  There were over 80 people who bought tickets and toured the six homes.

This picture is made from four pictures, so it isn't perfect, but it shows most of the trees and wreaths that were bid on at the Senior Boutique, with proceeds going to the Historical Society.

These signs were in front of the the six houses on the home tour with balloons attached to each sign.
Rowen and I posed for a picture in the sleigh at one of the homes.
This home featured over 50 nativity sets in the decorations!
This is the living room of the Parish House decorated for the Christmas tour.
Our dear friends, Ross and Maria, who opened their home for tours.
Inside this home was an extensive collection of Santas.
Another beautifully decorated home on the tour.

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