Thursday, January 17, 2013

Catching Up: Beth's New Place

The end of October, we were presented with an opportunity for a change in Beth's life.  Some friends who had had Beth babysit for them, were finishing their basement into an apartment, and were praying about Beth coming to live with them (for free) and being their nanny two days a week (for free) for their three children, ages 5, 3, and 1.5.  We prayed a lot about it as a family, and felt that God had prepared her for this opportunity to be a blessing to this family.  So the first part of December, Beth moved into this apartment about a mile from us.  She has trained alongside the previous babysitter, because the littlest member of the family has diabetes and is on an insulin pump.  
Behind the desk is the stairway that comes downstairs from the Rs house upstairs.  Some of the furniture, the Rs are letting Beth use, like the couch, ottoman, table and chairs, bed-frame,  dresser, and large wall hangings.  They have been very generous and kind to Beth.  Mr. R did a great job finishing the basement. 
Looking from the living room to the dining kitchen area.  To the close right is the pantry, and next to the refrigerator is the furnace room which has the washer/dryer in it.

Looking from the dining area back into the living room.

Looking into the pantry closet

The stacking washer/dryer

Beth in her little kitchen

Looking from the living room at the kitchen and toward the bedroom beyond

Looking back at the living room from the bedroom door

Looking into Beth's room from the kitchen doorway
Another view of the bedroom
Part of the bedroom before the bathroom
The little bathroom.  The shower is reflected in the mirror above the sink.

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