Thursday, January 17, 2013

Catching Up: December Quilting Projects

 In 2012, I participated in a Block of the Month group on Facebook.  Someone chose the block for us to make each month.  Most of them, I chose to make two blocks, changing something about it so they were not just alike.  In November, the leader gave us November's and December's block assignments.  I finished the blocks and put the quilt together in November, so our Joplin kids could take the quilt top with them to the quilter in Galena, Kansas for me.  The quilter was SO KIND to quilt it for me between Thanksgiving and Christmas.  In December, when we went to Joplin, I was able to get the quilt.  I got it bound before the end of the year.  I gave this quilt to our doctors, whom we babysit for, and whom we love like they are part of our family.

This pillow goes with the quilt.  This quilt block was the hardest block assigned.  It is called 20 Ts.  There are so many pieces to this block, that I actually did two of an alternate pattern that only had four Ts.  But Rowen said, "Don't back down from a challenge, Janet!" so I made one 20 Ts block.  With so many pieces and seams, it is hard to make it turn out the exact size I needed to match the other blocks.  So I left it out of the quilt and made it into a throw pillow.

Beth wanted me to make a shelf runner that would fit on her long shelf at the bottom of the stairs.  So I found this pattern online, added to it to make it fit her shelf.

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