Monday, August 1, 2011

Visit from Tim and Brenda, and Emily is home!

We left Emily in Missouri with Tim and Brenda on June 27. On July 28, Tim and Brenda brought her back home.
This is Thursday evening on our sunset walk around Johnstown Lake.

They surprised us by coming overnight, and that way we got to be with them most of the day Thursday through Monday 1:15 pm when they left for home. It was so good to have them with us. We spent Friday in the mountains, a welcome relief from busyness and heat! What a gorgeous day!

Like I said, it was a gorgeous day in the mountains!
We climbed the tower at the Dam Store because it had been so many years since we had... Brenda took this picture.

We hiked up to this waterfall at the alluvial fan of the Lawn Lake Flood of 1982. This is in Rocky Mountain National Park.

It was so refreshing to sit beside the waterfall and enjoy the coolness, the spray, the sight and sound of the waterfall.

These next few pictures were taken around the waterfall or that hike.

Later, Rowen, Brenda, and Janet walked around Lily Lake. It was a nice, easy walk. The kids took the mountain climb and met us afterwards.

It actually was cool when the wind was blowing over the lake!

After getting home from the mountains, we were privileged to have Jason and Tammy Dodson, Liliana and Lydia, for supper and the evening. They are on their way to China. We are glad we got to see them before they left!