Tuesday, June 12, 2012

2012 Garden

 We planted our garden on May 21, late for us, but after our Cincinnati trip.  Rowen had so much to catch up on after being gone 10 days for work and the Historical Society, we decided to bless him by getting the garden planted while he was at work.  We had an extra helper, since it was Monday, Lincoln Brown.  He even went to the garden center with us to buy the seeds!  Jason and I talked it over and decided to arrange the garden differently than we ever had before.  The zucchini would go on the north, then the tomatoes, and the beans on the south.  The spaghetti squash and a couple cucumber plants on the east.
First Lincoln helped Jason plant the tomato plants.
He was almost big enough to dig the hole!
Beth and I planted the cucumber plants.

Beth, Lincoln, and I planted the green bean seeds.
 Beth gave him a stick to use for measuring the distance between seeds.
It was much faster not to measure.
A week later, we all, including Lincoln, were happy to see the beans coming up.

And up!
Unfortunately, the weed seeds also enjoyed the watering and came up too.
Today Beth and I weeded the beans on our hands and knees.
It looks pretty good now.  I hope it will stay that way for awhile!
So far, we only had pea sized hail for five minutes, so we are thankful.
Most of these pictures were taken by Emily, who didn't get pictured when she was planting.  (The life of a photographer!)