Monday, September 26, 2011

Beth's 18th birthday September 26, 2011

When I think about our daughter, Beth, the word "faithful" comes to mind immediately. Since she was 10 1/2 years old, she has published a monthly newsletter called "God's Girls' Newsletter." When she started it, this is how big she was:

We never would have thought that at age 18, she would still be doing it. She started out typing it in Word, and has since then learned two different versions of Publisher. She has written her own articles, edited articles sent in by the members, designed layouts, mailed and emailed the newsletters faithfully month by month. "I have more understanding than all my teachers..." Ps. 119:99 is definitely true about all my children and their computer skills.

This May, Beth graduated from our homeschool and said she wanted to stay at home and learn more homemaking skills. With this being the year of my cancer journey, she has been invaluable in so many ways: driving me to appointments, doing a lot of the meal preparations and cleanups, cleaning house, keeping laundry going, besides doing her babysitting job and cleaning the Chamber of Commerce every week. She has done some canning, has a quilt in progress (that she designed by herself using Photoshop), and has been one of the main gardeners this summer. I cannot tell you what a huge blessing she is in our home!

Every day she performs whatever needs to be done in our home without complaining or resenting having to do it. She has been active in a girls' Bible study all summer, being a mentor to younger girls. She faithfully helps with the children's ministry in Federal Heights each Sunday, encourages her pen pals by writing interesting letters, and is diligent in personal Bible study and prayers for many on her prayer list.

We are blessed to have such a wonderful, loving daughter! We are praying God will bless her life for the faithfulness and unselfish service she is showing.

Happy 18th birthday, Beth!