Thursday, December 2, 2010

Pictures from Monday, Nov. 22

On Nov. 22, Randy, Joy, Quil, Micah, Tim and Brenda arrived after driving all night at about 9:20 a.m. We regularly have Lincoln Brown here on Mondays to be babysat, so he got to have play time with Quil and Micah. Quil and Lincoln have played together three years in a row now!!

Joy's cousin, Dorie Johnston, who lives here in Colorado, came over for Monday afternoon to see all of us, but especially Joy. We had a fun visit with her.

Everybody helped in the kitchen making Creamy Tacos and all the veggies that go in them, so we could have time to play "Wise and Otherwise" together.

Joy and Dorie

Dorie and Quil making eyes at each other!

Randy and Micah. Randy was still tired from the long night and only a short nap.

Brenda and Emily making music.

I think we were singing a song together.

Rowen and I were watching the boys play.

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