Thursday, October 9, 2008

Jeffrey and Jason's Quilt is all Done!

Those of our faithful readers will remember the posts on this blog in August, 2008 about a quilt that Beth and Janet pieced for Jeffrey and Jason's bed. Now, in the middle of October, Janet is hand finishing the binding around the edge after it was quited in Missouri. It is beautiful, and looks like it will be warm and snuggly!

As you probably guessed, Janet, Beth, and Emily have already started a new quilt for Emily. They are using their discretionary time cutting, sewing, and ironing as they create the quilt top. Do you think that they should have had a blog just for their quilts? Watch for updates in the coming weeks!

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Ace Jackalope said...

If you're ever passing near Hutchinson, KS, in April, you might enjoy the Mennonite Relief Sale - particularly the quilt auction. It's always interesting to see the diversity of interpretations of the art form.